Gratitude Celebration 51: Expert Guides


 “You have your own flavor of Radical Forgiveness coaching. It will be amazing to see that emerge!” 

That was Pamela Black’s encouragement for me as I struggled to find my footing in my new business, Forgiveness Walks. Today, I’m remembering Pamela and some of the other coaches who have helped me realize my business as I celebrate my 60th birthday with 60 posts of gratitude. This is Post 51.

I knew I had a unique way of expressing myself with the tools of transformation that had already worked wonders in my own life and seemed to be seeking a voice through me. Yet, I wrestled with self-doubt that my expression was valid and worthy to share broadly. Pamela, one of the first coaches trained personally by Colin Tipping, author of Radical Forgiveness, was generously coaching me in the early days of my striving to “earn my living hiking.”  She was right! I smile inside when I recall Colin’s words for me several years later, “Regina, YOUR niche is all the green people who want to be outside! See, you even DRESS in green! Talk to them!”

“What if you’re the first one?!”  

Joyce Bone, the Millionaire Moms founder responded when I lamented that no one else was out there selling coaching while walking. I’m bravely allowing that to fuel my walk.

Pamela and Joyce have been just two of the cotillion of coaches and mentors who have shared their expertise, experience, and encouragement as I transform myself from shy, self-doubting dreamer to focused, visible, and prosperous entrepreneur. I’m well on my way and still on the journey!  It was a big step just to hire Pamela for those first months of coaching, investing in myself, my message, my personal transformation. I’m so grateful that I have taken this path and spent time with these wonderful coaches!

Wendy Watkins helped me coddle the seed of Forgiveness Walks right in my own neighborhood in Decatur, Georgia! I loved walking over to her house to envision this venture. I knew I wanted to work with her when she guided me to look out the window during our introductory session.  “What catches your eye?” she asked.  “The huge pine tree.” I responded. “Describe how it grows and responds to the world.”

“It’s organic, flexible, resilient, sturdy.”
“That’s how your business can be. Let those qualities imbue your vision and your work.” Her words have nourished my vision and allowed me to trust it.

Wendy recruited five participants for my first Forgiveness Walk. They were all women who trusted her to share something wonderful with them. They were perfect for that first walk, and the seed of Forgiveness Walk had found fertile ground!

Laura West, Creator of Joyful Business, guided my first steps across the threshold to claim my business and to put my own unlimited creative energy into it. While in her Master Mind group called Spirit Rich, I took the leap of working as a Ridgerunner on the Appalachian Trail while forming the basic ideas of Forgiveness Walks. I surprised myself with how I was able to join in our weekly calls even from the mountaintops of Virginia! Now, that’s a regular part of my work style!

Laura introduced me to Thea Sheldon who brought a special virtual retreat day to us during Spirit Rich. I knew something magical was about to happen when I received a package in the mail containing a bright new box filled with tantalizing fabric pieces, ribbon, and a doll form. For half a day, Thea guided me and my other Spirit Rich sisters in alternating phone calls and time on our own as we crafted our “Spirit Dolls” as totems for our businesses. The fabrics called me, even insisting that I craft a golden hat for my doll, whose inspired name is Amadea Argenta, goddess of love and silver.  In one visioning session, I saw a green flowing light guiding and calling me in the forest. When I looked in my box of fabrics, there lay a luminescent green piece that embodied this vision perfectly!  I came to see that business could be a living expression of something of a spiritual nature that I would bring to form.

Later that year, I hired Thea to help me realize and honor My Story. Over a period of six weeks, she guided me with visualizations and writing exercises to clarify the Pain, the Hope, and the Promise in my own life that would be the foundation of my business venture.

Ellen Britt spent an entire day with me scrutinizing a business plan and laying out some practical steps for engaging with social media. My big realization that day was seeing a financial plan right there before my eyes. “This IS a $100,000 project and I can see how my programs could definitely be worth it!”

Ellen introduced me to Marnie Pehrson whose “get-er-done” methodology has been most helpful to me in the past couple of years. Every time I work with her, something visible gets done – website tweaks, programs and products get created, and the unique value of what I’m offering emerges.

Julie Ann Turner helped me see that my business idea has really been developing throughout my life and that everything I’ve done has contributed to my life as a Creative Genius. She’s helping me get the myriad of ideas organized. She calls it “getting your butterflies of brilliance into formation.”

Bill Barren taught me how to enroll clients through personal conversations.

Christina Hills taught me how to build my WordPress website.

Isabel Parlett guided me to discover my words and use my language to say what I do and organize it in a way that conveys my message and my methods clearly.  She’s helped me to craft that personal flavor that Pamela Black could see!  With her guidance, I crafted my True Spirit and my True Wisdom that express the deep and unique value of what I do and bring through my programs.

The True Spirit of my work is to help courageous heartsingers feel the inner radiance, joy and satisfaction that come from recognizing, heeding and fulfilling their true heart’s calling. When they do they feel really good being in their own bodies and in their own lives. They express themselves confidently, beautifully, and easily with a healthy self-love that radiates out to all of humanity with joyful purpose and prosperity. Come walk with me!

And the teachers  who started it all were

Colin and JoAnn Tipping, creators of Radical Forgiveness, whose Miracles Workshop sparked the desire within me to share their life changing technology with others.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but the journey of Forgiveness Walks began there and it’s getting more interesting every day!

Thanks today for all these wonderful coaches who have contributed their unique gifts to my endeavor! I would not have done this on my own!

Contact these amazing coaches yourself!

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Julie Ann Turner’s Genesis of Genius

Bill Baren and The Art of Conscious Success

Christina Hills and Website Creation Workshop

Isabel Parlett and Put the MOJO in Your Message

Colin and Jo Ann Tipping and Radical Forgiveness




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