Gratitude Celebration 18: Rejection Transformed

“If you were somebody worth being friends with, then we would be friends with you.” That’s what the note in my desk read. Did Ann and Jean really write that in response to the note I had left at Jean’s house? “I thought we would keep walking to school together. I want to be friends.” When I had gone across the street to pick her up as usual, she wasn’t there! I saw her walking down the street with Ann. Ditched! Rejected! Replaced!

My thirteen year old heart was broken and I didn’t know what to do. I wrote my note and hoped for the best, but I already knew that Jean, who had just moved into the neighborhood, was choosing Ann and not me. Ann and I had not been friends any time since first grade, so I figured we weren’t going to start now.

For days after that, I would watch from my bedroom window as Ann would go meet Jean at her house and they would walk to school together. I cried, feeling so sad to lose my friend. I didn’t talk to my mom or my older sisters about it either. “Just get over it,” they would say.

I added that “I’m-just-not-popular” belief to my catalog of limiting beliefs about myself. I didn’t make up with Ann and Jean or ever really talk with them again. I made other teenage friends in Barb and Judy, Kathy and Patty, yet still get a charge when I recall that event.

Today, at 60, I can look at that event in the light of Radical Forgiveness and see it as having been an opportunity to learn and grow. That’s why I can include Ann and Jean in my Gratitude Celebration. This is a perfect “Old Story” to play through a Satori Game!

In the game, I draw the event, “Someone rejected you big time,” and the context , “Relationships”. I land on Blame Game and vent all those feelings and judgments, “You were so MEAN! You’re not worth being friends with either. So there!” At the Gateway to Awareness I can be open to the idea that there’s a healing message in that story.
As the game unfolds, I get to love myself being in those feelings, release the blocked energy in my heart chakra, let go of the belief that “I’m not lovable the way I am” and see Ann and Jean as healing angels with and for each of us. I pick a New Story “Everyone respects and honors me.”

In the last level of the game, I release all my attachment to my old story and reframe the Old Story from a spiritual perspective that everything happens for a reason. Perhaps being rejected by Ann and Jean helped me feel the pain of separation and inspired me to learn to love and honor myself or to become an empathetic friend who communicates clearly and openly. Whatever the Divine Plan flowing in that situation, I can now see Ann and Jean as healing angels in my life, and be open to the possibility that from a spiritual perspective they did nothing wrong. That’s Radical Forgiveness applied to that teenage drama!

So thanks, Ann and Jean, for spiritually loving me so much that you were willing to play the role of rejecting me to mirror my belief that I was not loving myself just the way I am!  I forgive you and myself as well!

Play YOUR Awakening with Satori Board Game
Play YOUR Awakening with Satori Board Game

The Satori Board Game is one of my favorite ways to transform Old Stories – those dramas from the past that still bring up feelings of anger and sadness, guilt, shame, and hurt. This game is especially good at coaxing out feelings that we’ve suppressed, It takes energy, precious Life Energy, that we could be using to create fulfilling relationships, job opportunities, or life dreams, to keep those old feelings stuffed down. When our energy is being unconsciously drawn away to feed our limiting beliefs and unhealed dramas, we have little left for creating what we really want in our lives.

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