Forgiveness Walk Preparation Page

Before Walk Day, visit this download page and have the tracks loaded on your portable mp3 player.
There are 8 audio tracks and the User’s Guide. You’ll need all of them.
Let me know if this doesn’t work for you. No problem! We can walk without them!
On Your Scheduled Day,
Position yourself for your walk where you can listen to your mp3 player and walk gently, maybe sit down for some of the tracks. You’ll need to have a phone signal too. We’ll talk in between the sections of the walk. Sounds complicated, but it flows well once we get started!
At 9 a.m. Eastern Time call this number:
code: 887839#
This is a conference line so it’s a landline not a cell phone. Consider your plan’s regard for a land line call.  We’ll be talking 10-15 minutes four times during our walk.
I’ll be there at 9 and we’ll chat for a bit, then you’ll listen to the tracks in the first section. We’ll set a time to call back in to follow up with each section, with a wrap-up call.
So happy to share this with you!


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