Delving a Little Deeper

Life is inviting me to step into my work and ignite my light. Here are three nudges I’m seeing at this moment:
– I’m visiting my mom where several of the “elders” of the family have also gathered. It’s a perfect opportunity to notice my old and new beliefs coming up for consideration and transformation. To help me, the questions in Laura’s thought leadership module for today are:
“what are the beliefs? What doesn’t work that others say is essential?, etc.

– I’ve had two requests from “fans” leaning on my expertise as a long distance hiker. They are asking for logistical advice, but what’s coming up for me is clearly a suggestion of going to the deeper fears, doubts, worries and uncreative thinking whose transformation could light up unseen possibilities.

In all three of these situations, I’m feeling tremendous resistance to responding with bright clarity with my message of awakening the heart as a pathway to lighting the head. Why? I ask myself: because I am afraid, myself, to respond from my heart and risk having it rejected as I have created in my own past.
so, here I am leaning into you, sharing what’s here for me, yearning to lead with clarity and confidence, knowing in my heart that YOU are cheering me on.



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