Heart Connecting

♥♥June 22, 2019

Our first sojourn of Journey 2019 was in Decatur, GA to play with grandson Felix! Everything I was told about grandparenting being “the best thing” is true. Every visit is precious and being one who gets to lavish attention and love without the trouble is indeed the best! Our sojourn features other endearing connections…

John and I were hosted by my most generous and enduring supporters in Avondale Estates! They shared their luxurious Airbnb suite with us! If you have family visiting and don’t have guest rooms, Angie and Tom’s place would be a fine place to lavish attention on them!

Having lived in Decatur myself for twelve years (powerfully trnsformative ones as you know!) I have a long list of friends to connect with and not enough time to do it. That makes the two connections I made in the area extra special!

I visited one of my consistent readers and discovered that we both yearn to have conversations about relationships that jump right into the hows and whys and meanings of them. Our thirty-minute conversation brought validation and clarity for both of us! Scott emboldens me to keep sharing Radical Forgiveness tools and create space for these kinds of conversations. Yes, I love going below the surface, right to our hearts! Thanks, Scott!

Another heart connection made as we left Atlanta bound for Charleston, SC for lavishing love on another grandson, was in service of retrieving some stuff. When I sold my house in 2013 with no new house to furnish, I entrusted a few precious items to friends. My painting of a woodland path, beautiful ceramic bread bowl and grandmother’s tea set were at Cynthia’s farmhouse in rural Covington, GA. She was home! We talked. Again, we jumped right in to authentic revelation and exploration. With her, it was about conscious ageing! Although she said that I’m her model for moving into old age, I think that maybe I just make a good mirror for her grace, courage, and leadership. She’s the one who’s stepping courageously into her choices about recommended medical procedures, quality of life, and where she feels at home.

Heart connections are where I want to share my time! Each one is a more of energy and transformation on my journey! I want to have them, create them, foster them every day in every place! Maybe that’s why I love walking in Nature, for miles and miles, days and days. My walk from Maine to Georgia on the Appalachian Trail was a 2,175-mile Nature walk, with beauty all around!

Cynthia reminded me of a Navajo prayer she knows from her practice. That’s a good one to carry is into Summer!

With beauty before me

May I walk

With beauty behind me

May I walk

With beauty above me

May I walk

With beauty below me

May I walk

With beauty all around me

May I walk

May you walk in beauty, authentic conversation, and connection today.  If you need someone to do that with hit reply and tell your story! I’m here for you!

In joy,


P.S. I have an entire journey planned for exploring and transforming stories! Join me in November. Journey to YOUR Heartland

Angie and Tom’s place in Avondale Estates, GA https://abnb.me/BObDEiPavO

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