Trail Journals Photos – 2013 Continental Divide Trail – Bear Safety Information

Wyoming Walk Day 12: Friendly Shuttle, Farewell, and Fire.

Around 9 a.m. we hopped the shiny black Jeep owned by Gary, the seasonal host at the KOA. He was excited to have the opportunity to drive us back up to Union Pass. He had not yet been up there, and shuttling us would be a good excuse to explore.
This time, we rode inside the vehicle instead of in the truck bed, having lively conversation about Gary’s new lifestyle – Work Kamping – living out of an RV and traveling from seasonal position to position. In their second year, he and his wife were enjoying the journey. read more

Trail Journals Photos – 2013 Continental Divide Trail – Dubois KOA

Wyoming Walk Day 11. Town Day!
Today is a “zero” day in Dubois, WY. The focused activities are: laundry, shower, eat, communicate, and, for me do something about my shoes. I really want to continue hiking without hurting feet!
The first tasks were easily accomplished at the KOA and along the one street of Dubois. We chose to rent one of the Kamper Kabins, a one room log hut with a double bed and a bunk. Perfect for the three of us and easier for spreading out our gear than a tent. read more