Calling Atlanta Area Friends – and distant ones too

May 15, 2018

Wild Wind Journey Day is open for your participation! We’ll meet Barbara on Sunday afternoon, June 10 for live singing of her songs woven into my Walk for a Singing Heart, plus live guidance in my Sensory and NonSensory Awakening walks. This includes my nourishing Color Immersion play. It’s a delightful and surprisingly transformative experience that you can do with Barbara and I in person!

Read more about it here!

Can’t come in person this time? I’ll offer a virtual walk too, including painting supplies sent to your home if you register by June 3.

And sing along with us now:

Let me know you want all the details by clicking “reply” to this email and say you want to journey with us on June 10! In person or in spirit!

Sing along!

Wild wind, miracle and mystery

Spinner of history, yours and mine

Wild wind, calling us to journey, turning us outside in…..

In joy and song,


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