Breathing Out

July 25, 2019

Yesterday, I walked up Stone Mountain near Atlanta, Georgia, with a dear friend who is working on strengthening her body for a trip to Aspen, Colorado. I encouraged her to focus on breathing out when trying to have more air for climbing. It seems counter-intuitive to consciously get rid of air when I want more air! However, breathing works in a vacuum, so the more I can empty my lungs of stale breath, the more fresh, oxygenated air flows in without effort!

Two nights ago, I played the Radical Forgiveness board game, Satori, with four courageous women in Atlanta. It was a spontaneous game, organized that same day when I realized I had the evening free and knew of a woman who has wanted to play this powerful game for two years!

This morning, I realized a similarity between breathing up a mountain and playing Satori. Both benefit from letting go! To climb a mountain, I am supported when I consciously expel old breath. When I move towards Satori, which means awakening to a new perspective, I benefit from consciously letting go of limiting beliefs, seeing my old victim story as a misperception, clearing my energy blocks – breathing out!

I love it when seemingly divergent activities mutually support my empowerment, my yearning to live in joyful purpose to serve others through doing what makes my heart sing!

If you’re climbing mountains for your empowerment, be sure you have Regina’s Meet the Mountains technique!

If you’re yearning for freedom from your past, freedom and ease in your present, and freedom to create a joyful future, play Satori!

I want to hear from you about how clearing out old air, old stories, old stuff, old anything supports your empowerment. How do you do it?

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In joyful clearing,


For a description of the extraordinary game, Satori, click here:

2 Replies to “Breathing Out”

  1. I really enjoyed the post today, Regina. I have had some intense bike riding lately-loving it! And from my many years as an athlete, I somehow know about focusing my breath on the exhalation, and how much it helps. It was so interesting to read you naming that and some reasons why. Cool!
    I am thinking some friends and I would enjoy the game Satori.
    When is the next time you are in town-maybe the fall?
    Thank you!

  2. Sara,
    So great to hear from you! Yes, biking would be a breath-oriented exercise! We can definitely plan a Satori Game for Fall, either by phone or during the week I’m in Atlanta, probably the week after Thanksgiving! Let’s be in touch! Regina

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