This year at the Park Visitor Center I have been boldly sharing my Nature discovery philosophy in my programs. I let visitors know that my mentor is Rachel Carson, the scientist, who said, “It’s not half so important to know as to feel.” I go on to entice them to explore freely with their senses, searching for all the colors of the rainbow. We finish the program with painting the colors, guided by my “color story” of the interplay of light (yellow), water  (blue), and heat (red) in the desert. Most visitors relish this freeing, relaxing opportunity to revisit – or replay- their childhood. A few have stood by and watched. Just one among the hundred or so participants bolted when she saw the painting supplies come out.

Since learning the use of liquid color, applied in the three primary colors as actors in plays of interacting with each other to create a spectrum and sometimes a form, I have shared these enlivening exercises in many venues. A lot of happy people have walked away with their beautiful paintings and light hearts.

What I now believe about the colors brought this way is that it is the vibrant colors themselves, applied across the spectrum, that  charge the chakras of all who use them. I decided this week to paint a rainbow every day for 62 days and see what happens. Today’s painting is the fifth in the series.

When I create these, I feel centered and enlivened, relieved if tension and fretting about my day. I feel whole and nourished all over my body. I notice that certain colors seem to draw me in and beg me to stay with them til a fullness arrives.

Do you have an exercise you can do regularly to balance and energize your whole being? I’d love to hear about it!

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May color fill you and bless you!

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