Attention: Women Ready to Walk the Appalachian Trail

 “How to Clear your Path to Make It Happen”


  • Are you  blocked or delayed from your Appalachian Trail walk?
  • Do you need to wait for your time to get on the trail?
  • Are you struggling with finances, gear, health, issues that delay or interrupt your walk?
  • Do you want to fulfill that dream but you don’t know HOW?
  • Are you already on the trail and want to pay attention to your Inner Journey?
Regina Reiter, Forgiveness Walks

Regina Reiter, Forgiveness Walks

I’m Regina Reiter and ……….

I know what you’re going through.  I yearned for decades to spend extended time outdoors where I felt whole, alive, connected to a higher purpose. I was raising children, managing a household, working at jobs that were satisfying – but not deeply fulfilling.


“When could I get to do what really made my heart sing?” I lamented. I would stand at the kitchen sink, with a baby in the backpack carrier, dreaming of backpacking for real! I took my kids camping, homeschooled them so we could learn outside, worked at the local nature center. It was never enough outdoor time! The kids grew up and I didn’t want to wait any longer.

I realized that the Appalachian Trail was just two hours away, and I went for a visit. In my first  step on that narrow path, I felt a rush of energy and affirmed “This is where I want to walk!” I didn’t know the first thing about the trail or about backpacking! I did have one thing going for me, though: my husband wanted to hike too.

It took another seven years to fulfill that dream!  Along the way I learned how to wait, how to use each day to keep the dream alive, how to pack, how to prepare food. There were setbacks, challenges, and disappointments that all had to be navigated.  Over five years, in increasingly longer sections, we completed almost 700 miles of the trail.

That’s when my husband abandoned our AT dream. “I don’t think I care if I finish the whole thing,” he said. I realized that I’d have to do the rest myself.

What helped me most to stay focused and not give up was the tools of Radical Forgiveness I was learning. They kept me going. They helped me sort out my feelings, stop blaming others for what was blocking me. I realized there could be different ways of looking at things.

On June 27, 2007, I stood atop Mt Katahdin, Maine at the beginning of my journey……. or at least what I thought was the beginning.  Now, I know that when the journey truly began was on that first step at Woody Gap 7 years earlier!  ALL of the preparation, transformation, planning, testing, and relationship shifting was PART of my Appalachian Trail Journey.

All of that is what I now see as the Inner Journey that evokes, supports, and coincides with my Outer Journey.

Since my thruhike in 2007, I’ve talked with thousands of AT hikers while working as a ridgerunner on the trail.  The ones who seem satisfied and fulfilled by their journey are the ones who are aware of this Inner Journey.

  • They have a “purpose” that keeps them focused.
  • They have tools for shifting their energy when blocks, delays, disappointments arise in their path.
  • They’ve orchestrated their Inner Journey.
  • They have support from a community.


This is why I’ve developed

“Regina’s Heart Singing Walk Community”

6 Month Online Group Coaching Program
Next Session January-June, 2018

People quit on the trail because they aren’t mentally or emotionally prepared for the journey. When they hit the inevitable obstacles, they give up.

When you participate in this unique community, you’ll clear your emotional, mental and energetic path to get on the Appalachian Trail and succeed when you’re there. You’ll receive…

  • Support in finding the blessings and treasures within the obstacles you’re facing before you even get on the trail (finances, taking care of family members, packweight, etc.)
  • Tools for clearing your life’s path for walking the Trail in a way that lights you up and works with YOUR body, YOUR life, YOUR relationships.
  • Tools for keeping you going with lighthearted songs and walks for gentle transformation.


Here are some of the benefits included:

  • Coaching and support from Regina in our bi-monthly live, recorded calls (Value $180)
  • HeartSinging Walk Downloadable Audio for physical and emotional vibrance (Value $47)
  • Access to Regina’s toolbox of songs, color play, and words for nurturing inner radiance and vitality (Value $495)
  • Closed Facebook Group for ongoing sharing and confidential support
  • Email correspondence with Regina, if preferred, for privacy (Value $180)
  • Monthly Satori games for playful transformation of limiting beliefs – freedom from the past!! (Value $150)
  • Journey to YOUR HeartLand: STORIES, four-week course that fosters self-love (Value $97)
  • Spontaneous calls from the trail for inspiration, conversation, and exploration



A personal invitation for up to two days with Regina during her summer walks in 2017.


This Might Be For You If…

  • You’re  blocked or delayed from your Appalachian Trail walk
  • You’re afraid to claim your walk and start planning NOW
  • You don’t know HOW to clear your life’s path to get to walk the Appalachian Trail
  • You have particular challenges keeping you from accomplishing your dream
  • You’re already on the trail, meeting roadblocks, obstacles, or mental challenges
  • You love the idea of creating a radiantly fulfilling walk, but don’t know HOW

What People Say:

“I am Regina’s sister. I think that a testimonial from a sister holds a lot of weight because I’m just learning to be Cactus, Claudia and Candy in the Snowopen with my biological family. I find that every time I call her when I’m unhappy about something, that she is more and more skillful each time. I am feeling more and more safe and confident that I won’t be judged. When we talk now, our sister history is totally put aside and she is present, skillful, and compassionate, and that’s what I’m really yearning for when I’m suffering. She’s transforming a competitive sister relationship into a very compassionate, skillful and reliable one and I’m so grateful.” Claudia Bernard


“I had feelings bottled up inside that I thought I had dealt with already. The walk with Regina allowed them to come ouEvelyn2b1044t. The 13 steps tool helped me realize how to accept them and not judge them and to be able to keep that in mind as I continue to work on these feelings. In the long run, I have the tools to continue to grow and really forgive myself in the end. ” Evelyn Chiu Owner, Yogo Ono  


FB_IMG_1467154596400“A mutual friend demanded that I get to know Regina when I was attempting to train my uncooperative body to go on a hiking trip in Scotland with my son.  My friend could see that Regina had the skills to assist me on preparing my body for the trail. She could also see that Regina had the knowledge and ability to assist me with uncovering whatever I had in my past that would emotionally, mentally, and spiritually block me from making the breakthroughs needed to complete this memorable trip.  Indeed, Regina’s and my relationship became one of looking for the source of joy in the Inner Journey that is found when sometimes looking for something else.  Regina’s unique, calm, unassuming presence and comments would knock my socks off. She was always supportive, always loving, always encouraging, and always looking for what she could provide for me.”  Mary Campbell, author of This

Claim YOUR Appalachian Trail Journey TODAY!

Join Regina’s Heart Singing Walk Community


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Here’s how to apply: send an email to and tell Regina about your Appalachian Trail dream and your top three challenges.

Not sure this is for you?

Heartsinging Walk Community is designed for

  • Women designing their next adventure as that one prosperous and heartsinging journey of a lifetime.
  • Professionally successful women designing their next phase in life free from their past, ringing with joyous boldness and true expression of that one thing they’ve been yearning to do, keeping boxed up and unexpressed.
  • Women intent on a specific outer journey like walking the Appalachian Trail in a way that lights them up from their toes to their heart.
  • Women who struggle with others dictating what their hike should be and it just doesn’t feel right. They want a support network to listen to their own needs.
  • Women who want a creative purposeful walk.
  • Women who love looking at the deeper meaning of things, feeling their feelings, acknowledging the inner journey and knowing that nurturing the inner journey will cause the outer journey to unfold and succeed.
  • Women who want to invest in support specifically for the inner journey, pay attention to it, acknowledge it, talk about it, have tools to work with it.
  • Women who know they want to walk the AT and have a date or a general time frame and are eager to invest in coaching from an experienced hiker who has a practical AND spiritual perspective.

Claim YOUR Appalachian Trail Journey TODAY!

Join Regina’s Heart Singing Walk Community

Apply today!

Here’s how to apply: send an email to and tell Regina about your Appalachian Trail dream and your top three challenges.

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Hesitant like me?  Well, take a break and think about it. But, before you go, watch this short video that I made after spending three months near Mt. Katahdin, the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail.  Let yourself dream – and question. I support you just as you are!        Regina