Abundant Choice

Walk into Your Dream

Today I am grateful for having two choices for joyously prosperous occupations this Fall. I am blessed.

I found out that I’ve been offered a short seasonal position at Yellowstone Park immediately after my three-week walk in the Continental Divide Trail in Wyoming. I had already agreed to house-sit in Montebello, Virginia near a favorite section of the Appalachian Trail where I can offer forgiveness walks and coaching. Both appear as fulfilling miracles that seemed to drop into my lap.

Could it be that holding the vision of walking in service to others, then clearing my path of unworthiness, self-hatred, and blame has created a space for these blessings?

I don’t know that, and yet my heart tingles with delight to believe it.

How did I clear my path? Using the tools of Radical Forgiveness.

I can help you clear your path too.
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