A New Journey!

September 5, 2016

The sign here we left the Appalachian Trail, finished and new complete, and a little sad, said “Please Stay on the Trail.”

In my mind I sang along with Arlo Guthrie, “That sign was made for you and me.” And we also knew that what we really wanted to do was heed that sign and stay on the trail.

But, not the Appalachian Trail. We finished that – twice! You may not know that for 100 miles in southern Vermont the Applachian Trail coincides with the Long Trail, 372 miles on a vertical axis through Vermont.

We bought the map and food for a few days. John has been researching resupply points, since we like to travel light and go into towns for food. We won’t have our trusty maildrops filled with our favorite homemade dehydrated trail foods. We’ll do our best shopping at grocery stores. I also just bought my first section of the Guthook’s Guides, a new favorite tool for smartphone hikers. (I’ll try to ignore that gastly name. Guthook, eeww!)

Stay tuned! This is a new trail for me, so you’ll get to see me in new territory. I’ll post as signal – and courage – allow!

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