93 Days ’til June Tenth

March 8, 2018

For Wild Wind Journey Day, on June 10th in Atlanta, Barbara’s mission is to learn the alluring drum rhythm of her song Wild Wind and have a chime that rings at just the right time in Perfect Love. I want to make sure that she feels the part as my Forgiveness Walks muse, contributing the five transformative songs of Walk for a Singing Heart which will guide us through our afternoon’s exploration into courage. In Wild Wind Journey Day, Barbara and I will entice you to invoke something fulfilling that you’re dreaming of doing. Through Nature, color, song, and supportive emotional clearing, we will entice you to step boldly into your Wild Wind.

Wild Wind
miracle and mystery
spinner of history – yours and mine

Wild Wind
calling us to journey
turning us outside in

Wild Wind
calls me to be braver
safer than I’ve ever been before

Save the date! June 10th in Atlanta
Take a look at Walk for a Singing Heart

Join me and Barbara for Wild Wind Journey Day



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