What is a Reframe, Anyway?

July 28, 2020

I have a client who is diligently doing Radical Forgiveness Worksheets and experiencing surprising shifts in her relationships! She came to me to work on her relationship with her husband and is discovering new openings in several other relationships as well – mostly with herself! During our third call, she said, “My mom called me! She never calls me! And, she was supportive of me too! She has rarely been supportive of me!”

How does this work, anyway? How is it that filling in the blanks in the Making Room for the Miracle Worksheet results in shifts in our situation that could sometimes be described as miracles?!! read more

Night Fear

“How do I overcome my fear of sleeping out at night?”

Practice. Learn what the sounds are. Practice. Love yourself being afraid. Practice. Sit up all night and watch the night and learn it. Practice. Listen and learn the night’s rhythms and sounds. Practice. Love yourself just as you are.