NET: Approach

August 15

Three hours after getting up, at my Mom’s house in Ohio, we left at ten. I was glad we waited til Sarah arrived. I like her, and passing Mom off to her felt responsible. You see, we’ve been staying with my 90-yr old mom since late June, so she can stay home. With our August 15 deadline looming, she discovered Sarah and hired her. Today is her first day!

I nurse a sore neck with heat ointment all day as we drive from Ohio to New Hampshire. Two days ago, my stuffed down fears and feelings kept me in bed with a stomach ache. Today, it’s just a sore neck. read more

NET: 5 Essentials in Practice

August 12, 2018

I’m preparing for a walk and using the Five Essentials for a Radiantly Fulfilling one! Here’s how they’re playing out!

1. Know Your Trail

We chose the New England Trail because John wants to walk all 11 National Scenic Trails. This one is in the Eastern US where we have been this summer. He’s been poring through websites getting information and details, starting with and other sites located by googling the trail name.

What we found out is that this trail winds through a narrow corridor on public and private land, crosses three rivers, and is fairly low in elevation. There’s no crossing at the Connecticut River, requiring a shuttle or very long walk around to a bridge – or a boat ride across! He found a detailed guidebook online. A hiker created it and offers it free! It’s very helpful. I found printed maps and ordered them. We’ve been studying the maps and guidebook, putting together a possible itinerary. We want to walk it as a thruhike. One important aspect of this trail is the stated description that “no stealth camping is permitted.” That means investigating off-trail places to stay in addition to the 8 designated on trail shelters and campsites. We estimate 21 days for the 235 miles. John has played for many hours with Google Earth locating services near the trail. read more