Beliefs Create Disappointment


I can see the journey aspect of choosing a radical forgiveness lifestyle. Every day I can use the 13 steps!
And, I now have a partner who not only READS the steps for me, he knows the first step by heart!
What’s there for me in today’s steps is an invitation to see my job AND my business as canvasses  for expressing my growing willingness to be expressive, creative, prosperous!

That’s what I see AFTER doing the 13 steps today.

Perfect Love, casting out my fear.

How do you see your day’s disappointment as an invitation to allow a new perspective? Let’s chat about it! read more

My S.T.O.R.Y.

“I’m not doing a real business because I don’t have clear products and services or even feel comfortable inviting someone who is struggling with planning to talk with me. I lurk in someone else’s coaching circle, offering suggestions with no authority or compensation; I comment in the women’s hiking group, requesting fb friends, but don’t have my own group.  And if I do share, I’ll do it wrong.I should have my own group but I don’t have time! I don’t know what to call it! Poor me! Dumb me! Unworthy me! Not doing this right me!” read more


It’s always refreshing when I experience a breakthrough from an Old Story to a New Story. There’s a palpable lightness in my body, a giddy sort of happiness, a flood of ideas.

This time it involved a realization that my partner truly is willing to honor the value of my business and willingly schedule time for it on our weekends off from our jobs.

Til now, our stories blended perfectly to give us two days of hiking most weekends. His There’s Never Enough Time For Hiking story complemented my My Expression Doesn’t Matter story. read more

Journey Steps

Here’s my action step from today’s call: I will consider  my calender for the next six months, or maybe even the next one month, and design a single focus with specific times that Forgivenesswalks  can operate, ala Laura West and her Passion Project. I can plan that out with my partner and do it. Not a dramatically new idea, I know, but timely for me once again. Steps: 1.Map out times on the calendar that ForgivenessWalks  will be open; 2. Do a BrainDump of project possibilities; 3. Do a “survey” of my community on which project THEY like best; 4. Choose 5. Implement. Comments/Suggestions? Interesting as I write this out, it evokes my own guide for a fulfilling walk – Five Surprising Essentials (Know your Trail, Consider your Timing, Love your Gear, Have Support, Use reliable Energy-Shifting Tools). Time for a blogpost, eh? read more


My ex, three sons and baby grandson all got together  this weekend – on the opposite shore of the country. I wasn’t there – and shouldn’t have been. At least, that’s what my current S.T.O.R.Y. (Sustained Tale Of Repressed Yearning) supports.

What a perfect situation for the steps of Radical Forgiveness: allowing my feelings to arise,

noticing my judgements, loving myself for having them, and being open to a new perspective.

That new perspective was suggested in a Satori Game that I played with a client a few days before the family visit. read more

Third Anniversary: A Quiet Heart

It’s three years today that an unknown judge signed my official divorce papers. On that day, I was moving to Virginia for my summer job and my ex was working in China as he had been for the entire previous year. Neither of us were aware that April 9, 2013 was our divorce day. I found out in an email from my attorney a few days later.

But I’ve been thinking about it this week as I delve into my new life. I could celebrate! That seems contrary to the usual view of divorce! Inwardly, though, I am content for that step. It was an honorable way to complete a dead relationship, one that neither of us could revive. read more

Important Details

A dreaming Pacific Crest Trail hiker posed this question in a women’s hiking forum: “When & where will you start? how long have you been planning? Would you share some of your plans/knowlege… I’m so nervous I feel I will leave some important detail out.”
She’s touching on one of the Five Essentials in the Guiding Star for Radiant Hiking, and that’s TIMING. Timing is essential in many aspects of our fulfilling walks. When we consider our hike in our life, the timing in the seasons, the timing of each section, in our daily pace, and even in the timing of each step, we can fashion a walk that builds from the inside out, one that takes outer shape from our inner intention. Our hike becomes an expression of our purpose and our physical and spiritual rhythm. read more

A Hiker’s “Why”

I read this hiker’s blog today. She seems to be discounting her purpose, saying she doesn’t know why she’s hiking, and that’s OK.

To me, it’s a missed opportunity to avoid or discount anwering this important, formative question for a fulfilling walk.

Knowing – or inventing- a purpose for embarking on a journey can help a hiker make important choices about all five essential areas of planning as well as provide quick clarity when challenges arise during a hike. read more