Clear Message


May 30, 2016
Today’s Nonsenses Immersion invited the blue energy to be expressed in a clearly defined form. “Let your message be clearly defined and communicated,” I discerned as I chanted the tones and painted the colors.

Yes!! I’m on it!

See for yourself and comment. What message rings out from my website? I’d love to hear what you get.


Inner Flame


I was up during the night reading the Trail Journal of a woman struggling on the Appalachian Trail. Her friend requested trail angel help in the form of slackpacking – shuttling her pack so she can walk w/o gear.

Judgements surge! If she had my coaching she’d be delving into her Inner Journey!

Fast forward…… to taking back this projection to the possibility that it’s MY Inner Journey work to be done!

What arose in my Nonsenses Immersion was a flame of creative empowerment, capped with a gem of spiritual light in the spectrum of wholeness. The characteristic blending of all the energies to create each other was felt strongly. read more



A friend sent a reframe of my Old Story “I was cheating on my husband while hiking”. Her words suggested this other perspective: “your marriage was cheating on you. You were being true  to yourself.” I hadn’t thought of that before! From that angle, the shame can subside.

Heart’s green light flows today, from a self-loving center core out to the world.

What She Said

A Dreaming AT Hiker comments:

“My husband wants me to wait a year to save up, to spend and experiment with all things before going on a through hike. I want to start in June, 2016, maybe not finish, maybe hike for 3-5 months. I’ll be on SS, not very much, but enough to hike I think. Give me your thoughts. I know it is my decision. I’ve been backpacking for years, but never on my own. I have most all gear, but I need a few things, lighter stove, pad and such. Sunday was actually the first day I’ve been 13 miles. In fairly good shape, hike or bike almost daily and I live in the mountains.” read more

Saving Mr Banks – and Me Too

I watched the video of Mary Poppins, followed by Saving Mr Banks which reveals the story of P.L. Travers’ journey to signing over the rights to her creation. It was a Radical Forgiveness journey. How? The author had a S.T.O.R.Y., a Sustained Tale of Repressed Yearning. Mary Poppins had been Mrs. Travers’ characterization of her childhood experience with her dad, Mary Poppins playing the role of magical rescuer and someone who set things right.

What I realized from Saving Mr Banks was that what it took  to share Mary Poppins with the world through the eyes of Walt Disney was “finishing the story”. Allowing her dad to rise out of his prison, to find his joy AND be prosperous, let her share Mary Poppins with the world. Letting there be a New Story, set Mary Poppins free. read more


I lovingly embrace ALL my life experiences with ease and joy.

Even the scary ones! Even the ones that invite me to allow one certain man to love me and know what I ‘m thinking and  feeling. Even the ones that mean sharing, sharing, sharing (oh my! this is so hard for me and I don’t know why, oh wait, I do know why, it’s because I might make a mistake and someone could be uncomfortable and judge me for being greedy when really they’re seeing themsleves in me because they want to be brave and share what Spirit sings in them…….) read more


Here’s what I’m taking into my NonSenses Immersion today: I embrace all my life’s experiences with confidence and joy. Where did that come from? Louise Hay’s list of affirmations. My arm has been hurting for a while and her view suggests that’d a sign of resistance to receiving. Interesting!

Another suggestion that receptivity may be a challenge for me was my reaction to watching Milana Leshinski’s invitation to join her Joint Venture Insider’s Circle. “It wouldn’t work for ME! I’m too different. My idea doesn’t fit.” read more

Form Arising



My Nonsenses Charging paintings the past two days have emerged with form! Usually, the colors alone in patches and washes satisfy my feelings for a color immersion. As I’ve been shifting my perspective of sharing HeartSingingWalk from secretively personal to universally integrated, I’m allowing sensory shape to become visible.

As I write this, especially those words “universally integrated”, I realize that this journey of consciousness is actually way bigger than my own life! What seems to me now to be a big transformation for me in my own life CAN go even beyond what I have been imagining, until now anyway. I have been fairly daunted with the vision of a tribe of a hundred embracing and integrating HeartSingingWalk in their lives. Suppose the true spirit of HeartSingingWalk is to reach even further than my community! How about thousands walking to Wild Wind and Senses Walk! Holy Moly! That knots my stomach! read more

Hesitance Reframed

I found my first ever blogpost on a site I had forgotten about!  I thought I had lost that post, thinking it had been posted on my website. But, while commenting on a friend’s blog and having to sign in, I discovered MY blog!  What’s even more interesting is that the sentiments revealed in that post mirror my current feelings about being visible in the world – even after seven years of growing into this new role.

What’s different is that NOW I am much more patient with the pace at which my transformation is occurring. I can see the growth that has taken place, and appreciate more and more just how monumental it is to transform deep limiting beliefs. I’m open to the idea that the beliefs that linger are the ones that contain my true purpose for life, and also are the source of my power and my niche.  It’s the very people who recognize themselves in MY transformation who I am here to serve!  The more I’m willing to SHARE my steps of evolving intentionally from a shy, invisible heartsinger into a joyously prosperous, dynamically visible and authentically transformed leader the more others on the same journey can see me as a model.  Read this post from February, 2010 to see my mindset when I started my coaching business. Then, stay tuned for the continued tales of transformation! read more



This year at the Park Visitor Center I have been boldly sharing my Nature discovery philosophy in my programs. I let visitors know that my mentor is Rachel Carson, the scientist, who said, “It’s not half so important to know as to feel.” I go on to entice them to explore freely with their senses, searching for all the colors of the rainbow. We finish the program with painting the colors, guided by my “color story” of the interplay of light (yellow), water  (blue), and heat (red) in the desert. Most visitors relish this freeing, relaxing opportunity to revisit – or replay- their childhood. A few have stood by and watched. Just one among the hundred or so participants bolted when she saw the painting supplies come out. read more