Pete Seeger Heartsinging

My sister sent me the announcement of Pete Seeger’s passing. You know, he’s one of those pure souls who will live forever because he was willing to get out there and share. I don’t know if Pete Seeger was scared to get out there, but he sure made a bright spot in the world with his songs. He made some pretty bold political statements too, got in trouble for it, and kept singing.

He kept singing until he couldn’t sing anymore. And then, he spoke the words and invited his audience to sing them. His songs are so easy to sing that just about anyone can sing them, and this he gave us all a voice! read more

Posting with Joy

Today, I worked outside all day in cooperation with other people who also love working outside all day. I did not miss working on my computer.
I had the idea to start creating posts that are fun to make. Here’s my first one! It’s a photo of a multi-colored rendition of a favorite tool for turning a trouble into a blessing. Enjoy it!


Winter Walk Complete

Well, we did it! Walked in the mountains of Pennsylvania for six days in snow, with temps down near zero a couple of nights. It’s strange how significant this rather short walk seems, even though I’ve walked so many other long walks in the past six years.

Why is that, I wondered.

Is it because the wintry conditions were challenging and this was a new trail for me?

Is it because walking is my new lifestyle and that perhaps my walking has value not just for myself but for others too?  Is it because now, as I walk, I’m more keenly aware of the transformational qualities of the journey and I’m flooded with the metaphorical  qualities of my walking for other aspects of my life – my general way of being, my business? read more

Walking Again

I’m going on another walk.

That’s no surprise, right?

You ask, “Where to now, Regina, the Camino de Santiago, or some other long trail for 6 months or something?”

No. It’s a six-day walk – in Pennsylvania.

I’ll be walking the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail. It’s 70 miles long and traverses the Laurel Ridge, one of the westernmost ridges of the Appalachian Mountain range.  For a seasoned long distance hiker like me, this is a “short” walk, one that keeps me in shape. I know what gear to take. I don’t have to buy anything new. Choosing food is like shopping for an ordinary week, in fact, I accepted my hiking partner, John’s, offer to do the shopping and love his choices. read more

Story Power

Great Allegheny Passage

I looked up from my map, wondering “Where IS that trail? I’ve got to get going so I can meet my hiking partner!”  I’ve been doing car support for him as he walks the Great Allegheny Passage Trail in Pennsylvania.

Next thing I knew, he was standing there beside me, already finished for his day’s walk, and wondering where I had been!

“I couldn’t find the trail! Where did it go!” read more

Can “Bolder” be “Safer”?

It’s 2:00 in the afternoon and my alarm song plays. The clear voice of my friend, Barbara, sings,
Wild Wind calls me to be braver, safer than I’ve ever been before”

At that moment, I understand why I might have needed a daytime nap!

I’ve been stretching outside my comfort zone! Stepping boldly into my dream and my calling, trying new things every day, creating a new life and new friends every day!  Sometimes, like a new baby sleeping a lot because it’s growing a lot, I need to pull in and let the newness get integrated into my body! read more

Thank you for the honor of Your Story

In a previous post I encouraged you to share your story with me. As I have read your offerings, pure and raw and heartfelt, I am filled with humility and honor. I applaud your COURAGE to touch into those places that are usually stuffed down, put aside for later, and kept in the shadows.

It is with reverence that I witness and validate your stories.

“I’m sorry that happened to you.” And I really mean that. I’m sorry that you’ve had to experience the pain, the hurt, the sadness, the separation that you have. read more