Journey through the Heartland

Reframe The Story: A New Chapter

My Dad the Healing Angel

Today is the start of my new way of being with my dad.

Here’s the old story:

I’m 24. I’m the program director at Woodland Altars Outdoor Education Center. I love my job! Every day I walk the trails. I’m connecting children and teachers with nature, helping them experience Nature as a nourishing and vibrant sensory exploration. I’m recruiting a record number of schools, welcoming teachers and chaperones, and training my own staff of teacher-naturalists. I love my job! read more

Love Letters

“If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all.”

I heard this advice often as a child.

I was quiet child

I had plenty of “not nice”  things to say about how we were treating each other and how stifled i felt.

How needy i felt emotionally.

But I was silent because it didn’t seem nice to say.

I feel lonely.

I wanted to say things like,

“I want more love.”

“You seem mean and unhappy.”

“Why are you sad?”

“Can we do this differently?” read more

Magic Wand

I can help!

I get excited. I get stimulated. I get excited when my smart, dedicated, determined, productive, dynamic yearning friends and acquaintances say,

“I’m stuck. This happens to me all the time. Here it is again. There’s nothing I can do but persevere and push through this problem. I wish I had a magic wand that’s all that will work.”

I want to jump up and down and shout and laugh “I have that magic wand!”

I know what to do to open floodgates of creativity and solutions and abundance and ease really quickly and easily with no pushing or pulling or stepping on anyone. read more

Delving a Little Deeper

Life is inviting me to step into my work and ignite my light. Here are three nudges I’m seeing at this moment:
– I’m visiting my mom where several of the “elders” of the family have also gathered. It’s a perfect opportunity to notice my old and new beliefs coming up for consideration and transformation. To help me, the questions in Laura’s thought leadership module for today are:
“what are the beliefs? What doesn’t work that others say is essential?, etc. read more

Trail Journals Photos – 2013 Continental Divide Trail – Who is the tallest hiker?

The Govt Shutdown changed my plan to send daily photos! Yesterday was my last day working at Yellowstone Park as a room attendant for the Xanterra concession company. Originally, my contract offered a job until Oct. 16. With the park closed and no tourists allowed, there’s no need for Old Faithful Inn, so we spent three days closing it down for winter. Closing for winter is a normal occurrence, but this year it happened a week early.

With my Yellowstone stay over, my Wyoming Walk, in my mind, is officially complete! So, today’s installment of photos will give a sampling of the final five days of the journey! those days went quickly for me too (Well, except for the last one, in which that last 15 miles seemed to take forever!). read more

Trail Journals Photos – 2013 Continental Divide Trail – Split Level House

Wyoming Walk Day 16:Sheep, Swimming, and Cirque of the Towers.
What a different walk today from our Pass Climbing of the past couple of days! This 16-mile day had no big climbs, just consistent miles of open plains, lakes, and views of majestic peaks.

Just a handful of 5 photos for today that capture the highlights of the persistent awesome views of this wilderness walk.

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