Chicory and Queen Ann’s Lace


My heart flutters.
Illinois roadside chicory and queen Ann’s lace
Revive feelings of childhood walks along an Ohio bikepath.
Gratitude swells for wise parents who created space for Spirit to speak to me.

My twelve year old self regularly walked with my brother the two miles home from the Dayton Museum of Natural History along a bike path lined with these flowers. Those walks generated experiences of joy and independence, strength and courage.

The call continues to walk in Nature. Roadside flowers remjnd me of the early utterances of its voice. read more

Abundant Choice

Walk into Your Dream

Today I am grateful for having two choices for joyously prosperous occupations this Fall. I am blessed.

I found out that I’ve been offered a short seasonal position at Yellowstone Park immediately after my three-week walk in the Continental Divide Trail in Wyoming. I had already agreed to house-sit in Montebello, Virginia near a favorite section of the Appalachian Trail where I can offer forgiveness walks and coaching. Both appear as fulfilling miracles that seemed to drop into my lap. read more

Small Steps


Yesterday I found the eastern terminus of The Palmetto Trail in South Carolina. I was reminded of my first steps on the Appalachian Trail a dozen years ago.

There was that same rush of enthusiasm, a palpable pull to walk forth! 

Do you think of walking the Appalachian Trail? Locate the nearest trailhead along its 2,181 mile length and set your feet on it.

Feel it. Do you hear your call?

Now, write that down. Describe that feeling and relive it often as you prepare for your walk.

In this genesis is fortitude for your journey. read more

I Want to Walk the Appalachian Trail. Now What?

This week, two fabulous, successful people in my life said, “I want to walk the Appalachian Trail.”
Into my head flash the radiant feelings of thanksgiving and amazing accomplishment that I felt when I stood on Springer Mountain to complete my own 2,000 mile walk six years ago. Along with it wash in the memories of the challenges and doubts that clouded that vision as it unfolded. All of it – the joys, the challenges, the ups, and downs, the sunny days and the rainy or snowy days were all part of my Appalachian Trail walk. I assume they would be part of anyone’s walk. So, where does one start after proclaiming, “I want to walk the Appalachian Trail?” read more

Dining Out: “Last Day” Food


On the last day before resupply on a backpacking trip, I get creative with the odds and ends of food left in my bag.
How about the last of the almond butter mixed with maple syrup, nuts,  and the last six crackers crushed up?
Yum! Works for me!

My Life is a Satori Game!


So many changes are happening during this transition to Nomadic Lifestyle! I’m grateful for having the words from Satori pop into my head:

“This is a healing dance.”
“I refuse to invest any more energy in my own story.”
“I love myself being in my feelings about this”

Seems like my life is a Satori Game!

How about you?

Play Satori

Stepping into a Dream


This is my favorite view in my Ridgerunning Section on the Appalachian Trail. I’ve been by this spot over a dozen times now in my four seasons of working here.

Today, I’m recalling the first time I snapped a photo of the vista.  My dream of walking in service to others was new then!  How I have stepped since then!

My confidence in my message is stronger.
I have clear products to produce.
I have successful clients!
I have a Satori Host Training series.
I am single.
I have invested cash instead of a house. read more