Self Hatred Meets Self Love

Self hatred has form. It takes shape in my body and in my actions and in my environment. It takes shape in my feelings in my thoughts and in my actions. It influences my senses and my nonsenses.
Theres one place however that self hatred does not penetrate. That is intuition.
For intuition is the spark of spirit that strives to heal. Intuition flies the flag of Universal Truth. Intuition is inherently self loving and unifying.
No matter how pernicious is self hatred, Intuition is a constant hum of harmony in the background that eventually thrums and sings out the melody of my song. Thus, the coming and going and the ups and downs of my daily rhythms.
Self hatred criticizes. Self love consoles. Self hatred ignores compliments. Self love broadcasts them. Self hatred notices faults and undone actions. Self love enjoys timelessness. Self hatred procrastinates and overwhelms. Self love dances in a flexibly full schedule. Self love plans for assistance. Self hatred pushes through alone. Self love specializes creatively. Self hatred generalizes destructively.

Intuition’s glow brings loving reflection like a light in a cave, illuminating a path around the chasm of self hatred just when I teeter at the edge. I come close, but I don’t fall in.

Soul Time

To everything there is a season” seems apparent today. In a relationship, until it’s time for my beloved to really hear something in his heart, it won’t be heard. And yet, maybe when it’s heard is the perfect time because that’s when it’s heard.

In soul time there is no time but now

Unopened Gifts

I’m always stumped when I offer a gift to people I know and they don’t open it. My mind races with reasons they could have. A veritable whirlwind of thoughts spins around in that space I see in my mind’s eye as my head.
But, no matter how much I think about it, the truth is I don’t know their reason.
That’s the puzzle about marketing to me. Until there’s a conversation that’s a direct query about matching needs and desires with goods and services, I’m going to be guessing! That eases my anxiety a bit. It also makes marketing appear to be verrrry time consuming!

Another question does come up, though. Is the rejection of gifts something that I also do? If my situation is mirroring something about myself, is that what’s being shown?

For now, I’ll be content that what I offered was a good quality gift that I gave sincerely and without attachment. That it was not yet received is merely a current condition not a judgment of its value or mine.

I can keep creating value and offering it, thus increasing the abundance of valuable creations in the world.

Like Nature does with seeds

Clouds and Form

Nature has a metaphor for any state of mind for me. Clouds will do it for today, specifically the big, white fluffy cumulus clouds.
I have big thoughts and projects building with bright magnificence. They are constantly changing in indistinct form, however. My opportunity is to judge this as wrong or to love this amorphous state as the dynamic, surprising phase of creation.
Let the forms shift, for once the cloud descends as rain and becomes incorporated into a tree it’s form is pretty well set.

Passionate Doubt

what you love to do. Find your true passion. Do what you love to do a make a difference! The only way to do great work is to love what you do..” Steve Jobs

Do you doubt your passion?
I do.
I doubt its value,not to myself, but to others.
That’s getting harder to do because I have successful clients who praise my service.

My passion and I are in a transition period. We are shedding the physical structures of our former habits of denying ourselves, hiding ourselves, and not expressing ourselves.
A house. A marriage. A timid business.
Physical structures require physical tools to dismantle them. Or do they? I have been focused on using time, money, and personal energy to restructure these institutions to yield freedom for my passion.
I may have untapped resources, however that could hasten and fertilize the growth of my passion.
What about imagination? Collaboration? Curiousity? Experimentation? What about Courage?
I feel more free just thinking of those qualities!
Today, I’ll use them.

How about you? Are you living your passion?
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Celebrating Lessons Learned

Celebrating Lessons Learned

This morning I was looking through old teaching materials to find a program I wanted to send to a friend who is a new teacher.  I found it!  My Acclimatization Lesson Plans. This is a binder of specific Nature walks that I had at my side constantly as a new nature interpreter 35 years ago.

What came to my mind was “I don’t need these any more. This way of teaching is so ingrained in my fabric that it comes naturally. I can make up my own walks and sensory awareness activities at the drop of a hat with people of any age! After my walks, I get comments like, “I’ll never look at Nature the same.  You changed my life!”
I realized that I  have mastered this method of using sensory experiences as gateways to conceptual learning and that I don’t even remember that I once had to learn that myself!

Then, the light bulb went off. “Maybe someday it will be like that with marketing Forgiveness Walks and Radical Forgiveness and doing that prosperously! Maybe someday this work will be so ingrained in my fabric that I won’t even remember I had to learn business skills and take notes and be instructed and have my steps all written out so I could do them smoothly.”

In that moment, I really integrated the idea that learning anything is always gradual and progressive and after I practice it for a while I forget that I had to learn it. Moreover, while I’m learning it I wonder, “How can I ever be good at this? I’m just not good enough!”

That’s just not true.

I’m sure that I don’t need the Acclimatization Lesson Plans book to deliver a superior and memorable Nature walk. I now declare that I am on the path to mastering marketing skills as well.

What’s your area of mastery that you’ve ingrained? Where are you a novice?

Leave your comments below.

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