Easy Sprouts for Hiking

It’s easy to have fresh food on the trail. Sprouted lentils or mung beans provide the crunch and zest of salad in a packable form.
Here’s how to do it:
1. Soak dry lentils or mung beans in a ziploc bag overnight or until they’re soft.
2. Rinse and drain off the water.
3. Give them air and rinse them a few times a day.
4. Enjoy when the first sprouts show.

For more Light T.E.N. food ideas for backpacking, email Regina at regina@forgivenesswalks.com

Sense and Nonsense

I’m excited to be sharing a couple of my favorite activities with the Trail Dames at the 2012 Summit. Www.traildamessummit.com

Here’s the clinic I’m leading bright and early on Saturday morning.

The Sense and Nonsense of Hiking a Long Distance Trail

Along with the gear and food that goes into preparing for a hike, it also helps to clear our emotional pathway as well as we get ready to go on a long distance walk. In this session you will experience two gateways to prepare your unique pathway to walk into those big dreams. Regina will guide you to awaken your five senses and then create your own Energy Color Wheel that you can take home with you. From this awakened place you will explore your life’s Big Dream and identify practical next steps to have it come true. This is a lively, heart-centered, experiential workshop!
The Sense and Nonsense of Hiking a Long Distance Trail. read more