12 Days Til Nomadic Lifestyle: Deeper Release

Even a pickup truck is a “small” container for the things I want to keep. Maybe I’m not 100% committed to this Hiking Lifestyle!

That’s true, I admit. And to clarify, I’m calling what I’m creating “nomadic” which means that I can easily move. At this moment, there are still things I want to keep that won’t fit in my backpack!

But I want them “later”. That’s when I’m finished hiking, when I have a small domicile again.

Or, maybe I just like my stuff!

Still, this morning, I hopped up early and picked  through my box of Really Precious Memory Items. I fingered them each one more time, feeling the happy energy arising. I took pictures, scanned, chose a few things to use, then let them go!

If I can let go of the cute t-shirt my son painted when he was three, and the cotton eyelet skirt I made for my wedding, I can let go of ANYTHING!


Handmade items are the hardest to give away! Here’s an experiment. I’ll take a picture and see if that evokes those joyful feelings.

It’s the feelings I want. The skirt with the embroidery doesn’t fit anymore!

What are the things that challenge your ability to let go?

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