March 7, 2018

Designing this summer’s journey has been a roller coaster ride! Several itineraries have taken the stage, been proposed, envisioned, and evaluated. I sadly let go of my Ridgerunning job for this summer, replacing it with a progression of family visits and long distance walking. Now, yet another version calls! It evokes my allegiance to family to take center stage, letting other passions wait in the wings for another season.

My mom needs assistance!

So, I’m now looking at spending my summer with her in Ohio!

She’s been living on her own happily and safely at home, hiring part-time helpers and frequently welcoming family visitors. She rented a beautiful house in Florida for a month, providing weeklong vacations for four of my siblings.

Now, that’s not enough. It’s time for more consistent companionship!

It took some courage on my part to step up to organize a spontaneous conference call with my 8 siblings to talk about the situation.  I soon realized that was an old S.T.O.R.Y.  I found out that we are all concerned and dedicated to supporting her having a workable living arrangement ASAP and that my organizing is appreciated.

I still have Forgiveness Walks on my calendar, including a fun and exhilarating rendition of Wild Wind Journey Day in Atlanta on June 10. I’m heartily excited to meet up with Barbara to sing her songs that our courage to step into our own “Wild Wind”. I’m also excited to be complementing Barbara’s songs with the three meditative exercises of my Walk for a Singing Heart to support us stepping into that Wild Wind with our physical senses engaged, our nonphysical energy centers awakened, and our connections with our Higher Self embraced.

Did you save the date, June 10th?

If you’re interested in Wild Wind Journey Day, even if you can’t make it to Atlanta, or can’t make it that day, please click this link and indicate your interest in Wild Wind Journey Day 

Or, just hit reply and start an email chat!  What’s happening in your heart’s journey this week?

In joy,





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  1. When Commissioner Gordon is framed for corruption, his daughter Barbara takes up the mantle of the Bat to investigate his innocence on her own. Facing off with Batman, Robin, and Two-Face, Barbara must clear her father’s name before his fellow inmates get their hands on him.

  2. Saß Barbara Hendricks gestern gegen Abend schon bei Pias in Kleve, draußen? Ich glaube, sie war es, aber festlegen möchte ich mich nicht. Sie wirkt ja eher unauffällig, vielleicht auch in der ehemaligen Kabinettsriege. Obwohl sie einiges geschafft und den Rücken bisweilen sehr gerade gemacht hat. Danke auch für den Hinweis auf Todesopfer durch C02, also durch Diesel. Da können andere, die ihren gesunden Menschenverstand offensichtlich schon an der Garderobe abgegeben haben, ruhig sagen, da ist nichts bewiesen. Ja, schade, dass die unaufgeregte Barbara Hendricks nicht mehr BMU ist. Als ich gestern Svenja Schulze betonen hörte, dass Arbeit und Umwelt vereinbart werden müssten, hat mich das nicht überzeugt. Sie hätte genauso gut sagen können, dass die Anliegen der Wirtschaft/Industrie und Umweltbelange vereinbart werden müssen. Sollte es nicht in erster Linie um die Gesundheit von Menschen gehen? Schauen wir mal. Begeistert bin ich von Franziska Giffey, schon länger. Aber in Berlin-Neukölln fehlt sie nun. Eigentlich schade.

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