Piano Dance Act Two

“Dance” would be a great way to characterize what happened with the piano!

Following on the heels of my heart’s willingness to let the piano go, there appeared not just one, but TWO interested parties! The dance encompassed a group!

Things got a little complicated as my son and I were both taking offers from people, without communicating with each other. I was moving ahead with accepting an offer from a music teacher while he was waiting for his musician friend to make an offer. It came in – higher than mine! OOPS!

I was stepping on some toes and ignoring a worthy dance partner!

I made a few phone calls, restored the balance, allowed everyone to dance. The high bid was made and received and the dance concluded with a bow.

Today, the piano will have a new home with a musician who wants to pour her love into her music! And my heart is happy with the memories of family music shared AND the freedom to move unfettered into a new phase.

What a story!
I believe its happy ending came largely from my willingness to feel my feelings, and let them be a signal that I was stuck in my past.  When I let my heart open, love and abundance flowed inside and out!

Do you want more abundance, joy,and success in your life?
What about relationships that flow with ease, grace, and clear communication?

Join me in Journey to YOUR HeartLand, a four-week telecourse

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Journey to YOUR HeartLand:STORIES


Can “Bolder” be “Safer”?

It’s 2:00 in the afternoon and my alarm song plays. The clear voice of my friend, Barbara, sings,
Wild Wind calls me to be braver, safer than I’ve ever been before”

At that moment, I understand why I might have needed a daytime nap!

I’ve been stretching outside my comfort zone! Stepping boldly into my dream and my calling, trying new things every day, creating a new life and new friends every day!  Sometimes, like a new baby sleeping a lot because it’s growing a lot, I need to pull in and let the newness get integrated into my body!

And still, there’s that calling to fulfill my BIG dream – to guide and support 22 courageous heartsingers in a journey – a Journey to their HeartLand.

I’m reminded of that saying that we teach that which we need to know. That is so true for me!  I yearn to share the tools of Radical Forgiveness with others because they have been so crucial in my own transformation from a shy, unexpressed housewife to a long-distance walking, passionate entrepreneur. I use these tools every day because I NEED them to teach OTHERS how to use them!

Every day I use these tools that guide me through the five stages to Peace and Freedom:

  • Telling my story and loving myself for having it

  • Feeling all the feelings stuck in that story

  • Switching off the energy drain of that story

  • Receiving a new story

  • Integrating the shift in energy

When I do, Barbara’s words ring true because the more I step into something that feels true to my inner calling, the safer I feel in that calling!

“Wild Wind calls me to be braver, safer than I’ve ever been before.

Wild Wind says, ‘Come a little farther’, calls me “daughter” and I come.”

Listen here to Wild Wind

For me, someone who has a really BIG dream for humanity to awaken to our true nature, which is LOVE, within my lifetime, using these tools is not just a one-time thing, it’s a DAILY PRACTICE, a lifestyle.  And you thought that I’m just out walking trails? Well, you would be partially right! I’m out walking trails for inspiration, for physical stamina, for experiencing the diversity of God’s creation, yes all of that. In addition, walking in Nature provides a venue for my personal transformation from that shy, small-thinking homebody to a joyously prosperous paradigm shifter.

I’m waking up from my nap and from my old ways of thinking and being. Now, I’m offering you a venue for shifting some energy of your own, for transforming some old stories and trying out some new tools to support you in your OWN paradigm shifting.

It’s the Wild Wind Songfest in Atlanta, GA

Join me and Barbara on February 2 and answer YOUR call to be braver and safer than you’ve ever been before



As our journey begins, here’s a blessing I’m singing, thanks to my friend, Sara and generations before her!

“May troubles be less and blessings be more
May nothing but happiness come to your door
And may you have luck wherever you go
And blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow.

May winds be at your back and sun be overhead
May friends be at your side wherever you are led”.

Walk with blessings

Winds at your back, Sun overhead

My Life is a Satori Game!


So many changes are happening during this transition to Nomadic Lifestyle! I’m grateful for having the words from Satori pop into my head:

“This is a healing dance.”
“I refuse to invest any more energy in my own story.”
“I love myself being in my feelings about this”

Seems like my life is a Satori Game!

How about you?

Play Satori

Stepping into a Dream


This is my favorite view in my Ridgerunning Section on the Appalachian Trail. I’ve been by this spot over a dozen times now in my four seasons of working here.

Today, I’m recalling the first time I snapped a photo of the vista.  My dream of walking in service to others was new then!  How I have stepped since then!

My confidence in my message is stronger.
I have clear products to produce.
I have successful clients!
I have a Satori Host Training series.
I am single.
I have invested cash instead of a house.

All have been steps of various sizes and difficulties and they are steps just the same in the direction of my walking in service vision.

What’s your dream? What steps are you and have you taken to walk into it?

Take one today!

A Radical Moment

I’m in the self-checkout area in Wal-mart. A little girl is screaming. Her mom is livid while feverishly punching buttons, pulling out cash.
Twenty bystanders are holding their breath.
At that moment I shift that world of breathless bystanding, thinking, “I matter. I believe in fulfillment of love in each moment.”

You see, the night before I had let go of the belief, “I don’t matter”, in a Satori game. In addition, all week I  had been distilling my “why” to a fundamental belief in “fulfillment”. Could I act on that right now, in this moment, with these people? In this place?

Yes. I could try.

I cross over to the scene and say to the little ball of a girl on the floor, “what a precious person you are.” I stand and say to the mom, “You’re a really great mom.” She responds, continuing her paying motions, “Seriously?!”
I crouch next to the girl, now huddled beneath the grocery cart. I silently shower her with acceptance.
I don’t know if that intervention mattered to them, but I felt a wave of acceptance and possibility for all of us, a knowing of how a world of radical forgiveness might look, a sense that I do matter and everyone else matters and we can love and accept each other just as we are and that spreading a wave of radical forgiveness along the Appalachian Trail corridor might be composed of many moments like this.

What if playing Satori is practice for Life?

Are you game?

Play Satori

Why I Want to Stay Alive

My brother chose to leave this physical life a few months ago or so it appears. I honor him and accept his choice. Although I don’t know his reasons or what he was trying to leave, it inspires me to discern my own journey through frustration in a miserable marriage.

There I was, feeling trapped in a relationship fraught with criticism, dispassion, emotional abuse, betrayal, loneliness, and boredom. I blamed myself for choosing it. Had I not created it all myself out of my own self-hatred, as I was learning in my Radical Forgiveness training?

What a fraud I was! If I was so smart to have these amazing tools for shifting energy, how come they weren’t working to save my marriage?

I lamented from under the bed covers, a throbbing headache blinding me to solutions that could free me from my emotional prison.

“There has to be a way out of this besides dying!” , a small, inner voice said.

But why?
Why choose life?

Well, here are some of my reasons.

Death is messy. Someone has to clean up the body.
There are people who would be sad and miss me.
I love what I can do in a body! I can walk in Nature. Paint with beautiful colors. Hike in mountains and sleep outside. Eat fresh strawberries. Have good sex. And that’s just the start of a list.

You can add yours if you like.

Today, several years after that pivotal cry, I sit at a mountain waterfall, working as a professional hiker. My marriage did end- with the help of the tools of Radical Forgiveness – and I rejoice in my choice of Life!

I guess that’s my Independence Day thought.

I celebrate the Freedom to choose life, supported by this free nation where I can express the choice of life. And that, I see, I must first choose for myself.

Come choose with me