Four More Years: The Journey Continues

Stand my ground and own my greatness 

Four years ago, I proclaimed, “I’m going to be prosperous hiking!”I had just finished walking 4,000 and some miles in the previous year. I believed in myself. I knew that I could do anything I wanted.

Well, have I done that?Not completely. I have suggestions of what I want. I have vignettes of the Hiking Lifestyle I’ve fantasaized. I’ve written about that life.

I’m on the journey. Today, I curled up under the covers for a while hiding. Doubting. Questioning. My waking thoughts were ones of seeing

what has NOT been done. I carefully examined what has FAILED and FALLEN SHORT.

I allowed myself to generously list what I have accomplished in the last four years. Gosh! It sounds a lot like the presidential campaign! I was elected CEO of the unborn Forgiveness Walks at the same time that Barak Obama was elected to create a new way for America. Now, this is getting interesting!

Like me, he had a clear dream and a compromised system to implement his dream.
He’s done a lot to fulfill it. Tested some programs. Got some results. He still isn’t finished.
And the popular opinion is to give him four more years to stay the course.

So, what has the first term of CEO Regina yielded? Here’s a snapshot.

What I hav

Business c



cept and product/service idea that could work.
Knowledge of components of business
Beginnings of systems that suggest a business and need improvement to work effectively
Words that suggest deep and powerful transformation and have a small voice
Work habits that are sporadic and unfocused
Love of my method and practice
A handful of successful and happy past clients
A product in early testing that needs revision and effective delivery
Lack of technica
What’s more, I have a vision for what this company can be. It’s way bigger than what is evident now. Fulfilling it may use up my life, but it would be worth it.l skill to do what’s next
Resistance to borrowing more funds for next steps
Funding for my personal life, a house I own, people who love me and believe in me
Plenty of teachers, coaches, and content resources both free and paid.
A list of 300+ people who signed up over the past four years.
580 some Facebook Friends who often” Like” my photos and a few who even found me!
Someone who looking for a mentor for hiking the AT.

So, I choose to continue this journey, take up the challenge and keep walking.

What’s YOUR journey?

Please comment below.

Radical Manifestation Evident

Radical Manifestation Evident

When results of working the stages of Radical Manifestation occur, it’s so important to acknowledge and celebrate them! I’m doing that today.

This week, following on the heels of several weeks of focusing my energy and attention on freeing my financial picture and creating new streams of income, I’ve had TWO results.

  • I received a check in the mail that was TWICE what I had expected
  • My banker presented a reinvestment plan that will yield FIVE TIMES what I had expected.


I celebrate that abundance is multiplying!

I am grateful for the gifts of the Universe!

I acknowledge my co-creation of abundance by clearing my energy and taking action.


Oh, and there are more signs of synchronicity

  • A financial coach has offered a free session for next week
  • A high level business coach has offered a free session for next week
  • A creative life coach has offered a transformative program for December at a very low price
  • A friend has offered to pay for sharing my home
  • A live-in guest completed a house project that had been procrastinated for 10 years


While walking into MY dream, I do well to notice the scenery along the way!


What’s showing up in YOUR landscape?  Please comment below.

Precious Items

Precious items

This week I have help decluttering my house.  It’s great having help, however, it takes a strong person to manage my resistance! Some items are hard to let go.

Here’s one:

A plain, simply functional box. For the uneducated eye it’s a pretty generic piece of furniture. But for me, it’s a metaphor of a happy phase of my life – homeschooling.

I used this cabinet to organize and store paintings.

I built it myself to fit perfectly in a closet.

Today, I’m letting it go. Marcia, my helper says, “I’m celebrating your release into a new future. You’ll have the artistic phase in your heart”

I cry, the happy memories flooding my body. I resist. I relent. I let it go.

She’s right. It’s not the box that holds the joy of painting with my children. It’s my heart. And that’s not going anywhere but out into the world!

Angry with Political Nastiness?

Do a Worksheet!
That’s a Radical Forgiveness Worksheet.


Get one at

In about ten minutes you can feel lighter, less nasty, and miraculously peaceful and accepting of the person who upset you!

Are you willing to take action to shift the energy of politics? Would you rather maintain the blame and separation of vituperism by shooting off another finger-pointing comment? Or even worse, stay out of the discussion altogether?

Now, with the tools of Radical Forgiveness, we can raise our own consciousness and bring new possibilities to all sorts of relationships.  Politics is a good place to start.

Today, vote for peace and free speech that nourishes.

Do a worksheet!

My Job is to MAKE Peace

AndreaOwen, in her Monday Kick Ass Quote, shared the following: Woen

“We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.”
-Dalai Lama 

Her response was this:

“Quick reality check: Can’t change anything that’s already happened, so might as well make peace with it. Plus, the fastest way I know how to get happier about anything, is to make peace with it.
You don’t have to love it, or even like it. Just make peace.
Interesting quote today. About making peace. Just make peace.”

To my surprise, I noticed a visceral response to reading this. My belly tightened and I felt a stifling tightness all over.
“But how?” I wondered out loud.

A memory flashed.
My mom and the nuns were always saying that. But they didn’t appear peaceful. They looked resigned and burdened to me, but not peaceful.

Fast forward to today. I’m so glad that now I have a way to MAKE peace. I start by allowing the UNpeace to be there and loving myself feeling that.
That’s the first three steps of 13 that take about 10 minutes.

I thanked Andrea and her response reminding me that making peace is something I now know how to DO! And that my job is to teach others how to do it. Her message inspires me into action on my guided walk audio to deliver peaceMAKING.

And that kicks ass! My ass!

In joy,

Helping stifled souls love and express themselves fearlessly and walk into their dream.

Self Hatred Meets Self Love

Self hatred has form. It takes shape in my body and in my actions and in my environment. It takes shape in my feelings in my thoughts and in my actions. It influences my senses and my nonsenses.
Theres one place however that self hatred does not penetrate. That is intuition.
For intuition is the spark of spirit that strives to heal. Intuition flies the flag of Universal Truth. Intuition is inherently self loving and unifying.
No matter how pernicious is self hatred, Intuition is a constant hum of harmony in the background that eventually thrums and sings out the melody of my song. Thus, the coming and going and the ups and downs of my daily rhythms.
Self hatred criticizes. Self love consoles. Self hatred ignores compliments. Self love broadcasts them. Self hatred notices faults and undone actions. Self love enjoys timelessness. Self hatred procrastinates and overwhelms. Self love dances in a flexibly full schedule. Self love plans for assistance. Self hatred pushes through alone. Self love specializes creatively. Self hatred generalizes destructively.

Intuition’s glow brings loving reflection like a light in a cave, illuminating a path around the chasm of self hatred just when I teeter at the edge. I come close, but I don’t fall in.

Soul Time

To everything there is a season” seems apparent today. In a relationship, until it’s time for my beloved to really hear something in his heart, it won’t be heard. And yet, maybe when it’s heard is the perfect time because that’s when it’s heard.

In soul time there is no time but now

Unopened Gifts

I’m always stumped when I offer a gift to people I know and they don’t open it. My mind races with reasons they could have. A veritable whirlwind of thoughts spins around in that space I see in my mind’s eye as my head.
But, no matter how much I think about it, the truth is I don’t know their reason.
That’s the puzzle about marketing to me. Until there’s a conversation that’s a direct query about matching needs and desires with goods and services, I’m going to be guessing! That eases my anxiety a bit. It also makes marketing appear to be verrrry time consuming!

Another question does come up, though. Is the rejection of gifts something that I also do? If my situation is mirroring something about myself, is that what’s being shown?

For now, I’ll be content that what I offered was a good quality gift that I gave sincerely and without attachment. That it was not yet received is merely a current condition not a judgment of its value or mine.

I can keep creating value and offering it, thus increasing the abundance of valuable creations in the world.

Like Nature does with seeds

Clouds and Form

Nature has a metaphor for any state of mind for me. Clouds will do it for today, specifically the big, white fluffy cumulus clouds.
I have big thoughts and projects building with bright magnificence. They are constantly changing in indistinct form, however. My opportunity is to judge this as wrong or to love this amorphous state as the dynamic, surprising phase of creation.
Let the forms shift, for once the cloud descends as rain and becomes incorporated into a tree it’s form is pretty well set.