Can’t Go Outside?

July 29, 2019

I read a post today from a woman anxious to get outside while recovering from a car accident. “I miss my outdoors,” she laments. I agree, when we feel utterly nourished by walking in Nature, it’s debilitating to stay inside!

The same feeling predominates while we are waiting for our time for a long hike. Will the start date for our thruhike ever come?!!

I used to believe that the trail and the rest of my life were two separate worlds. While walking the Appalachian Trail, I acted as if my life on the trail, my trail relationships, and my daily activities there could never coincide with my life in Atlanta. I thought that I was either on the trail or off the trail and that there was no overlap. I yearned for the trail in between walks, thinking that my life at home just wasn’t fulfilling and that only hiking could give me the vibrant radiance I experienced on the trail.

I don’t remember exactly when I realized that trails and woods and shelters and trailheads are part of the same world as stores and gardens and houses and roads, interweaving and interdependent. Maybe it was when I realized that I used my headlamp every day and started wearing it all the time. Maybe it was when I got picked up by Enterprise Car Rental and drove back to Atlanta for a day to attend a seminar and to resumed my walk of the Benton MacKaye Trail a couple of days later. (And yes, Enterprise did pick me up and drop me off at the trailhead near Bryson City, NC!)

I wondered if I could create within myself the same colorful energy, sense of well-being, and connection with Life that came so easily on the trail wherever I am!

I did!

In yoga classes I had learned about the chakras, wheels of energy in seven levels of my physical body. I played with bringing them into mind as I walked on the seminary grounds near my house. I brought the color and the audible tone of each chakra into my walking rhythm, and, surprise! There was that sense of well-being, heightened awareness of connection, and energy of a trail walk!

One day, when I couldn’t take time for a walk, I played with the watercolor technique I had learned in Waldorf teacher training. The tones and colors of the chakras flowed out on paper, again energizing my whole body with a surprising sense of wholeness! I didn’t feel so stuck anymore. My creativity opened and I felt hiking as a wonderful time I could look forward to, but not as the only way to feel fulfilled. My resentment of city life ebbed.

See for yourself! Play with energizing your chakras with my Rainbow Energy Walk.

Rainbow Energy Walk

Click above for a free download of a 25-minute guided walk.

Also included on the page is a video demonstrating my Rainbow Energy Painting! Want to do it yourself?

Send me an email at and request a lesson! I’ll even help you get the supplies you need to start your own practice of Rainbow Energy Painting!

It is possible to create the fullness and joy of being on the trail in other areas of life! Soon, you too will know that the trail and the rest of your life are all part of your one fulfilling world!

Here’s that page again:

Rainbow Energy Walk

Feel lighter
• Get your mind clear
• Wake up for your day
• Cool down from a busy day
• Feel more peaceful to enter your day

Breathing Out

July 25, 2019

Yesterday, I walked up Stone Mountain near Atlanta, Georgia, with a dear friend who is working on strengthening her body for a trip to Aspen, Colorado. I encouraged her to focus on breathing out when trying to have more air for climbing. It seems counter-intuitive to consciously get rid of air when I want more air! However, breathing works in a vacuum, so the more I can empty my lungs of stale breath, the more fresh, oxygenated air flows in without effort!

Two nights ago, I played the Radical Forgiveness board game, Satori, with four courageous women in Atlanta. It was a spontaneous game, organized that same day when I realized I had the evening free and knew of a woman who has wanted to play this powerful game for two years!

This morning, I realized a similarity between breathing up a mountain and playing Satori. Both benefit from letting go! To climb a mountain, I am supported when I consciously expel old breath. When I move towards Satori, which means awakening to a new perspective, I benefit from consciously letting go of limiting beliefs, seeing my old victim story as a misperception, clearing my energy blocks – breathing out!

I love it when seemingly divergent activities mutually support my empowerment, my yearning to live in joyful purpose to serve others through doing what makes my heart sing!

If you’re climbing mountains for your empowerment, be sure you have Regina’s Meet the Mountains technique!

If you’re yearning for freedom from your past, freedom and ease in your present, and freedom to create a joyful future, play Satori!

I want to hear from you about how clearing out old air, old stories, old stuff, old anything supports your empowerment. How do you do it?

Hit reply and write short note!

In joyful clearing,


For a description of the extraordinary game, Satori, click here:

Refreshed by Walking

July 21, 2019

Ahh! The Great Smoky Mountains refresh my soul! Their lush, opulent vegetation, towering trees, cool temperatures, and misty moistness wrap me in intrigue, curiousity and wonder! John and I squeezed in another overnight before heading to Atlanta for a busy week.

We took the Balsalm Ridge Trail up to Laurel Gap Shelter where I renewed my attachments to the Benton MacKaye Trail which I walked four times in a year in 2009-2010. Those trips provided unforgettable experiences in solo hiking! Although I had gone to the Appalachian Trail in 2007 by myself, I was rarely alone once I got on the trail. The Benton MacKaye Trail, 288 miles in the Smoky Mountains, Tennessee, North Carolina and Georgia, is sparsely traveled. I had plenty of time on my own! I was surprised how much I enjoyed it! Here are a few things I learned from hiking solo.

I observed everything closely, including the route, the weather, my surroundings, my steps. Relying on myself every minute inspired me to pay attention! I wouldn’t say I was wary, just observant!

I thought more deeply and considered the significance of the phenomena I observed. I was more philosophical hiking solo than I am with others. Being solo brought out my inner Thoreau!

A special thrill ran through me when the Balsalm Ridge Trail intersected with the Beech Gap Trail and the familiar green arrows of the Benton MacKaye Trail appeared. I felt a welcome sense of being home with a very special connection with myself!


Have you considered taking a solo walk? Did you do it??!! If you’re in doubt and want to talk with an experienced solo walker, reply to this email and let’s chat! The same goes for getting support for your solo walk. Hit reply and tell me about your plan!

And, to read my report on the Five Surprising Essentials for Creating a Radiantly Fulfilling Walk of Any Length, click here:

Five Essentials to A Radiantly Fulfilling Walk


Preparing for a Long Walk

July 20, 2019

What a blessing to have a five-day walk in Great Smoky Mountains National Park! The lush, green, and lavishly diverse landscape truly exemplifies the fad of Forest Bathing and contrasts starkly with my winter desert habitat!

Although my body cringed a bit with muscle soreness since I haven’t taken a long walk since last August, my soul basked in the sensory luxury while my body remembered how to meet the mountains!

Turks Cap Lilies on green background

Lilies line the ridge along the AT in GSMNP

During the walk I received a message from a woman yearning to get out on another five-day walk herself, inquiring about guided walks for next fall. That sounds like a long way away, until I consider all that life might already have scheduled plus the preparation required to create a radiantly fulfilling walk!  

Waiting and preparing can have its own challenges too, as described by a woman yearning to walk:

“Sometimes the desire to flee the rat race and go hiking is so overwhelming that I get heartsick just thinking about it. Any suggestions for delayed satisfaction on adventuring and wanderlust?”

Over twelve years of long distance walking woven with seasonal work has given me some perspective on this. Here’s how I respond to her anxiety:

 🤣⛰👟🏕” Go on walks of any length, around the yard or up a mountain, on a city street or in a parkk, strengthening one’s powers of observation and awareness, practicing breathing, energizing and balancing the core energy centers, and especially writing regularly from the imagined feelings of being on a fulfilling walk as if it’s already occurring.”

Waiting time is a perfect time to become aware of and hone tools of the Inner Journey too! What I discovered by clearing my path to my long walks, taking my long walks, and creating a walking lifestyle is that all of it, each step wherever I am, is part of my Journey. I love talking with women about this often-unrealized aspect of preparation. Sibley describes this well:

“When I was living in a big concrete jungle of a city, I would visualize hiking on the trail during my walking commute to work. It felt a bit silly, but it helped me forget the hard pavement and city smells if I imagined a hiking trail and fresh mountain air and boots on my feet. I also devoured several trail memoirs. But eventually, the best thing I did was pull the trigger on the plane ticket and giving my notice at work, and here I am in NH, less than 300 miles left to Katahdin!” Sibley 

Setting a date for our next journeys, whether walking the Appalachian Trail, starting a new career, or taking up a new phase of life, is a powerful step to take to manifesting that dream!  That can set up the clarity to begin scheduling specific action steps and clearing one’s path! Then what? How do we prepare for our epic journey? I’ve distinguished five essential areas for preparation”

  • Know your trail
  • Consider your timing
  • Attract support
  • Love your gear
  • Methodically clear mental and emotional obstacles

Read details about these essentials and tips for addressing them in my free report: Five Essentials for Creating Your Radiantly Fulfilling Walk of the Appalachian Trail.

Pick up your copy here and step into your dream!

In joy,

Regina Reiter




Thruhiker Celebrity?

“Thruhikers are celebrities!” I read that in a women’s hiking group and chuckled. I don’t feel special! I walked the Appalachian Trail from Maine to Georgia within a year’s time, so I am a thruhiker.

As a thruhiker, how I know about myself is that I fulfilled my dream of being able to say, “I walked the AT”. I feel true to myself, that I listened to my heart and did what it took to walk one day at a time – and keep walking! So, if doing that makes me a celebrity, great. More than fame, however, what I want to do is entice others to create their own walks wherever they are, on the Appalachian Trail or in the neighborhood park! I want to help you discern what your equivalent of the Appalachian Trail is and step into fulfilling that dream!

I also had the good fortune to work as a ridgerunner, a Leave-No-Trace educator encouraging stewardship on the trail, for seven seasons so I talked with hundreds of hikers on their thruhikes. I got some really good ideas about what character and strategies support hikers who eventually complete the trail. Sadly, I met many, many hikers who thought they wanted to thruhike the Appalachian Trail, but found out that wasn’t what made their heart sing! I was sad that their true dream wasn’t apparent.  Hiking the AT really isn’t for everyone, but everyone does have something that makes their heart sing!  I want to help people do that! There are many ways to have a fulfilling walk of any length – a few miles to thousands! They all have similar qualities, which start with one’s reason for choosing to walk a trail, or sail a boat, or paint a picture, write a book, sew a garment, whatever is true to you!

Studying my own story and listening to thousands of AT hikers, helped me discern five essential aspects of a long-distance walk to consider in planning and fulfilling a walk.

  • Know your trail
  • Consider your timing
  • Get support
  • Love your gear
  • Methodically transform challenges

My report, Five Essentials to Creating a Radiantly Fulfilling Walk of Any Length elaborates on all five. If you read it you’ll get a good feeling for getting started on your own walk – or dream!

Get your complementary copy here!

You could be a celebrity too!

Essential #4: Love Your Gear

Light blue tarp on a lawn

This shelter works!

July 12, 2019

Getting ready for a walk is tedious, especially when I haven’t done it for a while! I’m really glad this isn’t my first time going out backpacking, though! Looking back to my first walks on the Appalachian Trail, reminds me of the constant learning, trying new gear, and becoming familiar with the trail lifestyle! Some of it takes time and practice! Some aspects of hiking, however, can be taught and used on one’s first hike! Not everything has to be learned by trial and error!

Over my 18 years and 10,000+ miles of backpacking after the age of 50, I’ve discerned five aspects of planning and fulfilling a walk that help me succeed. I’ve also realized that there’s a difference between “accomplishing” a walk and “fulfilling” a walk! An accomplished walk is measured only by the physical achievement of walking from a beginning to an end. A fulfilling walk adds one’s heart experience. Fulfillment might highlight an inner transformation, a change in self-perception, a renewed or healed Spirit, even a new definition of success!

Today, while checking one of my absolute favorite pieces of gear, I was reminded that loving my gear really does make a difference in the fulfillment of my walk. I do love my RayWay tarp! I’ve seen only a handful of other hikers with one, and am so grateful for having heard of it myself. The tarp I have now has kept me sheltered for hundreds of nights and is still good (patched, indeed!). I love my RayWay tarp!

What are the five essentials?

  • Know your trail
  • Consider your timing
  • Cultivate support
  • Love your Gear
  • Methodically transform challenges

Read my complementary report to delve into all five. Get started on your fulfilling walk – your radiantly fulfilling walk!

“Being” Fulfillment

July 13, 2019

Today I turn 65 and I’m going for a walk! I realized that I’ve been anticipating this birthday for a couple of years now, and most acutely since January when I marked April 1 on my calendar. That was the day I could apply for Medicare, the right of passage for 65! That happened. I got my Medicare card. Now, the actual birthday seems humdrum. Driving to the Great Smoky Mountains to set up a five-day walk seems perfect!

I did receive a message yesterday, though, that reminded me of the kind of person I want to be – maybe for this next phase of my life! I reached out to a woman I had gifted my Walk For a Singing Heart in January. I had not heard from her, so I just sent a message to check in. She answered right away:

I’ve been a hiker a long time. But not the kind of hiker I am right at this moment. I hiked for miles and didn’t stop to smell the flowers and see the bees. It took a total body breakdown to realize I needed to slow down! Not just on the trail but in my life. These injuries have really shown me who I am. I couldn’t walk for almost 9 months! That lesson took a very long time to learn but alas it has been learned.💜

I’ve dedicated the past year to forgiveness, self love and healing.  I actually had a huge breakthrough last night with it and released it fully. I accepted that it was my creation, I stopped judging it and I thanked it because it brought me to where I am now. Not a coincidence that you are the person who started me on this healing path and you just wrote me. Thank you for your walking meditations they are wonderful.

Thank you for all you do. Keep sharing your talents with the world. I know it certainly helped me. Lots of love and always an open invite to come to Juicy Fruit Forest. When I grow and get huge I’ll hire you to do your healing walks here. ❤️ This dream of mine is on 🔥 fire!!! Much love to you!🥰

This affirmed for me that even when I don’t know it, I make a difference by giving what has helped me! By “being” the fulfillment I imagine, even if I don’t know the results. I can allow myself to know that you’re reading and receiving what I share even if I don’t hear from you!

My best birthdays have been the ones on which I give presents On this pivotal birthday, why not give what I most enjoy – taking a Walk for a Singing Heart! With this link, you go right to the download page, bypassing any sign-up or payment! It’s my gift!  I trust that you’ll receive it and use it, maybe even begin your own transformational journey! And maybe, you’ll let me know – or maybe you won’t and that’s ok too.

You may not have heard about Walk For a Singing Heart!  If not, go to “Take a Walk for a Singing Heart” first to read about it. (If you’re so inclined, you may, of course, purchase the program. If you do, you’ll be giving a gift to my friend, Michele Zehr’s Center for Earthbased Healing. That would be an awesomely generous birthday gift for me!) Read the details on the landing page here:

Take a Walk for a Singing Heart

Or, feel absolutely free to go straight to the download page and use Walk For a Singing Heart as my gift to you!

Here’s to you, Courageous Heartsinger! Happy Birthday!

Walk Audio Download Page

P.S. One way to do the Walk For a Singing Heart is to schedule a time when I can talk with you on the phone! That deepens the power of the walk, indeed! However, it’s perfect to use the tracks on your own.  I’ll be happy to schedule a time with you August 1st-4th and during the week of September 21st – 28th! If you email me this week, July 13th – 20th I may not answer right away, but go ahead and do it! Get out and let your heart sing!

In joy,



Listen to “Real”

July 9, 2019

Today, I was honored to play the boardgame, Satori, with two courageous women. We had a fantastic time discovering Old Stories and letting go of our attachment to having them. As always, the cards we picked and the game’s pathway provided each of us a unique and custom-made experience! We laughed, cried, felt our feelings, and ended at Satori feeling lighter, more valuable, and freed from our past!

One of us got sent three times to the square Spiritual Bypass!  We groaned and supported our new friend in following the instructions for that square:

“Feelings are important! Feel your feelings to continue. Tell the group how you really feel. Then move back 3 spaces.”

I like to use songs to support these kinds of energy shifts. There’s a perfect song for this one!

Karen Taylor Good’s song is perfect to jar loose stuffed feelings!  Sit quietly with eyes closed and listen. You’ll know when feelings come up because tears will well up.  That’s good! Do your best to allow them to flow. Feel your feelings to free yourself of the energy block that has been stuck, maybe for years!

Keep repeating the song until all the tears are finished.  Sometimes that can take a while.  For me, sometimes I’ve replayed a song as many as ten times before I can get through it without tears. That’s what we want – to flush out all the stuck emotion!

Need assistance with this?  Don’t want to be alone feeling your feelings?  Contact me, Regina Reiter, master of getting into feelings! That’s because I had a lot of feelings stuffed down for a lot of years!

Email me at  with the message “This is _____. I need support feeling my feelings”  I will get back with you ASAP.  It’s possible that I won’t be able to respond immediately, and I’m willing to trust Spirit to provide the perfect timing. I offer you one complementary support session for feeling your feelings. Then, we can schedule follow up sessions at my generous rates.

Or, you can go to my Contact Page:
o learn other ways to connect.

For now, listen here for this perfect song for feeling feelings!



Another link is on YouTube:

Here’s to feelings!

Regina Reiter


July 4, 2019

I occasionally dedicate time to read the Declaration of Independence on the Fourth of July! Going to the original text arouses reverence for this day and why we celebrate it! This time I perused the list of readings as performances on YouTube. A worthy occupation for part of an hour! Have fun making your own choice. Here’s one I liked:

I also reflect on what freedom means to me, personally. I realize that at one level, I have been freed from the emotional tyranny of my misperceptions – of others’ thoughts, of my own abilities, of the powers of beliefs.

As a child, and indeed longer into adulthood than warranted, I believed ideas about myself that limited my freedom to express what was in my heart:

  • I don’t matter
  • There’s not enough
  • Life is hard
  • Happiness is dispensible
  • I am unacceptable

Just like the colonists, I lived under the tyrannical rule of these beliefs. My Declaration of Independence occurred at the end of summer in 2005 in a Miracles Workshop with Colin and JoAnn Tipping, author(s) of Radical Forgiveness, Making Room for the Miracle. I found out during that weekend that the repressed feelings I had bottled up inside for decades had been stifling my joy, my love, my willingness to choose my innate passion as a profession!

Just as with the colonists, it took some fighting, thankfully without bloodshed, to become free of those limiting beliefs and misperceptions. And, frankly, it’s an ongoing endeavor. However, now I know there’s a method that works for me to do it, and that’s using the tools for Radical Forgiveness every day!

Today, I celebrate America’s freedom, indeed, I join the political fight to preserve the values the framers set out. I also celebrate my emotional independence and my new freedom to choose my thoughts, feelings, and emotions!

Join me!

Start here with the book, Radical Forgiveness!

The Book- Radical Forgiveness

To freedom!

In joy,