Why I Love my Job

April 25, 2018

“Do what you love, the money will follow.” Decades ago, I read this. I read Marsha Sinetar’s book by that name and thought, “Sure, for me it would be do what I love and the money will follow waaay behind, far far behind. Do what I love and the money will follow my own investments in doing what I love.”

Well, I’m now wrapping up my fourth season of doing what I love at Anza-Borrego Desert State Park with money in the bank and in my retirement fund. And, if I also count the seven seasons I worked as a Ridgerunner on the Appalachian Trail, that would add up to eleven seasons earning money doing what I love. It can happen – even to a doubter like me!

Did I contribute to this happening? Am I just lucky? Both? I do not know! I can say that if getting clear on “what I love doing” and doing it, even when it wasn’t “a real job” and even when it was short term or voluntary meant that my resume for these positions landed me the jobs. Maybe this is what Marsha Sinetar meant by her declaration.

At this moment, I am content with feeling immensely grateful to have the testimonials of visitors, campers, parents, clients, and hikers assuring me that doing what I love has contributed to their lives. The money AND the testimonials add together.

“You’ve changed my life!” from a Waldorf parent’s group mom.

“This is the first time I’ve told anyone my story!” from a Journey to YOUR Heartland participant.

“I didn’t want to come, but I’m so glad I did. This touched me to tears.” from a participant in an experimental program at the visitor center.

“I’ve been to a hundred campfires, and this was the best!” from a campfire participant.

And my favorite, “Thanks, Ranger Regina. I’ll be sure to come to your last three Junior Ranger Saturdays” from the local boy who has come almost every Saturday for the past four winters and inspired me to do what I’m pretty sure no one else will do with him, namely, run up ‘Junior Ranger’ Mountain.

This is what I love about my job and what encourages me to take a stand for others giving voice and description to “what you love doing”. I believe it matters and I believe it’s possible.

What do YOU love doing? Are you doing it?

Scott, I know you love dancing, and that you are doing it!

Claudia, I know you love nuzzling horses, and that you are doing it.

Cheryl, I know you love walking, and that you are doing it and helping others do it.

Please reply to this email and let me know what you love and if you’re doing it.

I stand for you in fulfilling that if you want!

In joy,


Prosperous Joy!

What I love: Facilitating kids connecting with Nature

Way of the Tahoe

April 10, 2018

Yesterday’s fifth anniversay of my divorce invited me to consider how I am embracing my new relationship. I thought, “Why not invent something new rather than continue pitying myself for settling for a similarly shallow relationship?”

Well, it turns out that my partner took care of that. He bought a 4×4 Chevy Tahoe! “Now, we can drive deeper into the desert,” he celebrated. “Not to just drive, but to position ourselves for walking in more remote places.”

I don’t enjoy the bumpy rides on the dirt roads of the desert park where we live. Even though it takes longer to walk, and yes, we don’t get as far out into remote canyons, I feel more connected to the land and scenery when I walk.

Two days into our new life with a Tahoe, I’m considering that he might be right. We’ve camped out twice in remote spots, then walked further into beautiful spaces. I am open to allowing the Tahoe to be a tool supporting a deepening relationship with Nature and him.

Remote location gives a new view

Deeper into the badlands than before


April 9, 2018

In the best spirit of Radical Forgiveness which gave me the tools to be able to stand in gratitude and honor for this day, I acknowledge with openness to a Spiritual purpose, that today marks the fifth anniversary of my divorce. I acknowledge, love, accept, and honor myself and my ex for courageously stepping through this gateway – away from feelings, because of beliefs, toward relationships,into an unknown neither of us anticipated when we said, “I do”.

Yet, divorce has given me experiences I value in their rawness and power. Divorce links me with others with whom I now have a bond of the heart. To all of us, blessings on the journey!

Mom’s Celebration

Simon turns 29 on April 3rd!

Dear Simon,

I love studying the collage of photos I put together for your 18th birthday. I know there have been photos since then, but these are easily accessible and reflect the time that I was with you a whole lot more than I have been in the last 11 years!  Here’s a sampling of one corner of it.  I celebrate your life and my gratitude for being your mom.  What I love about you Simon:

  • Your quiet attentiveness to details
  • Your inner musical rhythm
  • Your reliability
  • Your engineering skills shared with the world
  • Your sober lifestyle
  • Your gentle spirit and generosity

I celebrate YOU!