My Story

Back from our weekend trip and getting ready for my 5-day-a-week job, which I love, and yet still want to keep only seasonally, I am in my S.T O.R.Y.

“My business gets in the way of my intimate relationship and my life. In order to DO my business, I have to live in wifi land and do that work alone.”
Then, when I realize this is a Sustained Tale Of Repressed Yearning (S.T.O.R.Y.), John gets into HIS story that he will always fail at showing that he loves me and he should just be alone to get to do the exploring he wants to do.

Ahhh. We are open to the idea that we are healing angels for each other, mirroring  and projecting. We are open to loving ourselves being in our stories.

Haha. We are so good at this!


What do I wish for? People in my life who thrive with transforming Stories. That’s my projection, my vision for myself. Oh sure, my community has its STORYs. We also get right to work on the steps of transforming them – feeling, flipping the switch, reframing, integrating. We laugh together at how good we are at creating situations for noticing our victim stories, then flow right into the 13 steps.

Nice vision, Regina!