Pete Seeger Heartsinging

My sister sent me the announcement of Pete Seeger’s passing. You know, he’s one of those pure souls who will live forever because he was willing to get out there and share. I don’t know if Pete Seeger was scared to get out there, but he sure made a bright spot in the world with his songs. He made some pretty bold political statements too, got in trouble for it, and kept singing.

He kept singing until he couldn’t sing anymore. And then, he spoke the words and invited his audience to sing them. His songs are so easy to sing that just about anyone can sing them, and this he gave us all a voice!

Childhood campfires were a lot more fun with “If I Had a Hammer”, “Where have all the Flowers Gone”, and “This Land is Your Land.” His songs were easy to sing, yet had deep, poignant meaning. He gave words to inner yearnings that made speaking up a little easier. Who wouldn’t join in with “And on the other side, it didn’t say nothin’, that side was made for you and me” and feel good about protesting?

Today, in memory of Pete Seeger, I’m stepping out a little bit myself to share some of my inner yearnings with one of his songs in my own voice. I believe that’s the best way to honor him. What I like best about this song is that it talks about showing something if myself to my brothers and sister, something I’ve always been scared to do.

So, in honor of Pete Seeger, my siblings, and a new story for myself, here’s my rendition of

“Oh, Had I a Golden Thread” by Pete Seeger


Do you get scared to step out and share your voice?
Perhaps you have a story of unworthiness that keeps repeating itself in your life so often that you believe that it’s the only way your life can go. Would you like to create a new story for your life – one of freedom, authentic expression, and success?

Join me an other heartsingers in a private TELE course to do just that!

    1. Discern your Story of Sabotage
    2. Move the stuck energy from your Story of Sabotage
    3. Learn the simple secret switch to turn off the energy flow to your Story of Sabotage and open the gates to New Stories
    4. Put a new picture frame around your life with a clear canvas for painting your dream

Starts February 8
Journey to YOUR HeartLand: STORIES

Posting with Joy

Today, I worked outside all day in cooperation with other people who also love working outside all day. I did not miss working on my computer.
I had the idea to start creating posts that are fun to make. Here’s my first one! It’s a photo of a multi-colored rendition of a favorite tool for turning a trouble into a blessing. Enjoy it!


Winter Walk Complete

Well, we did it! Walked in the mountains of Pennsylvania for six days in snow, with temps down near zero a couple of nights. It’s strange how significant this rather short walk seems, even though I’ve walked so many other long walks in the past six years.

Why is that, I wondered.

Is it because the wintry conditions were challenging and this was a new trail for me?

Is it because walking is my new lifestyle and that perhaps my walking has value not just for myself but for others too?  Is it because now, as I walk, I’m more keenly aware of the transformational qualities of the journey and I’m flooded with the metaphorical  qualities of my walking for other aspects of my life – my general way of being, my business?

Is it because I’m making choices about a new relationship and noticing all the opportunities that come up each day to either go unconscious into my Old Stories or expand into Love with a New relationship story?
Is it because I’m constantly asking myself “how can my walking be of service to others” and help me walk into my own dream of joyous prosperity?

Well, yes, to all of those questions! I’ll keep pondering them and wondering if you, dear reader and follower of my journeys, have similar questions about your own journey – on trails, in cities, in new businesses or old, new relationships with others or yourself, or similar yearning to create a New Story for your own life.

I’ll keep this short today because I’m on the road for the next few days headed to Georgia to join the Trail Dames at their annual trip to the Hike Inn. I’ll get to share fresh tales and pictures from this walk in the evening program.

I’ll leave you with a few snapshots of the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail and be back next week with more details!  Thanks for reading!

We followed the Yellow Blazes of the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail for 70 miles. In addition to the frequent yellow paint marks on trees and posts, there were 18″ high concrete pillars etched with a number at each mile point! That was encouraging on the 14-mile days when we were plowing through 5″ of powdery snow!

Occasionally, stands of Hemlock trees rose majestically, creating dramatic contrast with the bright snow.

The last three miles of the Laurel Highlands Trail took us on a steep 1000′ descent from the Laurel Ridge to the Youghiogheny River, Viewpoints like this one jutted out from the trail. We were NOT tempted to veer off our snowy path to look through the curtain of snowflakes to get a look at the icy river below!

Blessings on your own journey!

Tell me about it!
I’m coasting on the thrill of an amazing walk with gratitude for the privelege of walking to my heart’s content! To celebrate this abundance, I’m offering my upcoming course, Journey to YOUR Heartland for another couple of days for an amazing price. Come check it out and join me in February for an exploration of STORIES.

Journey to YOUR HeartLand

Walking Again

I’m going on another walk.

That’s no surprise, right?

You ask, “Where to now, Regina, the Camino de Santiago, or some other long trail for 6 months or something?”

No. It’s a six-day walk – in Pennsylvania.

I’ll be walking the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail. It’s 70 miles long and traverses the Laurel Ridge, one of the westernmost ridges of the Appalachian Mountain range.  For a seasoned long distance hiker like me, this is a “short” walk, one that keeps me in shape. I know what gear to take. I don’t have to buy anything new. Choosing food is like shopping for an ordinary week, in fact, I accepted my hiking partner, John’s, offer to do the shopping and love his choices.

And yet, I’m seeing this walk as a pivotal journey in my life!!

Why is that?!!!

I recall one of my life skills teachers, Robert Fritz, when we were choosing our first projects for testing out his “rubber band” analogy for creating what we wanted, saying, “It’s not what it is, it’s what it does!”

And that’s true for this walk. It’s not what it is, it’s what it’s doing in my journey of “joyous prosperity” as a passionate walker.   Let me explain. I’m in the middle of a month of enrolling courageous heartsingers in my first four-week class on transforming STORIES.

How can I “take six days off” to go on a hike?

And that, dear readers, is what makes this a pivotal walk for me! It’s because I am deliberately transforming an Old Story myself! My Old Story is perfectly encapsulated in that statement, so writhing with assumptions, old limiting beliefs, button-pushing words, and projections of unworthiness that I can hear it, taste it, smell it, see it, and feel it in my whole body!

In the past couple of days, I’ve wrestled with a whole range of feelings, judgments, reasons and fears about going on this walk. It would make for a good soap-opera (just ask my partner!).  But, wait! It would NOT make a good soap opera because I’m walking away from my Old Story!

  • I’ve been telling my “story” – with gratitude for my partner loving me having that story.
  • I’ve been feeling my feelings – all of them – and loving myself for being in my feelings about this.
  • I’ve made up a New Story and imagined something heartfelt that I want to BE!
  • I’ve surrendered to the possibility that this situation is purposeful from a spiritual perspective and par t of a Divine Plan for me.
  • I’m integrating the shift in perspective by taking action, sharing what I’m learning, having others witness and validate my transformation.

And now, having taken this Journey into MY HeartLand, I can go for a six-day walk because

Walking is my job!
I am the possibility of being joyously prosperous!

So, I’m going on a walk!

But, before I go, I want to invite you to join me in this course I’m offering! It’s all about sharing with you the nuts and bolts of how I took those five bold steps to turn

“How can I take six days off to go on a hike?” to

“Walking is my job! I am joyously prosperous!”

AND to guide you step-by-step for an entire month on your own journey through them.

Check it out!

Journey to YOUR HeartLand: STORIES

Oh, I had another idea for this! I’m so open to this walk being pivotal that I’m going to cut the price from it’s already low Early Bird rate to a dream-fulfilling, giveaway, you-can’t- go- wrong- to- try- this- anyone-can-afford-this price of $37 for the next six days while I’m walking the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail!

Go check it out!

I’m going walking!

In joy,

P.S. At this price, you could take some time to walk too! (With special thanks to Terri Zwierzynski for loving herself just as she is!)

Journey to YOUR HeartLand: STORIES

Journey with Me!

Journey with Me!



Story Power

Great Allegheny Passage

I looked up from my map, wondering “Where IS that trail? I’ve got to get going so I can meet my hiking partner!”  I’ve been doing car support for him as he walks the Great Allegheny Passage Trail in Pennsylvania.

Next thing I knew, he was standing there beside me, already finished for his day’s walk, and wondering where I had been!

“I couldn’t find the trail! Where did it go!”

Where it went was NOT the way I had been sure it would go. At that moment, I realized that this was a perfect example of how an Old Victim Story works in my life. Follow along and see if this makes sense to you……….

What I had been doing is being so sure that the trail went over the dam of the nearby lake that I was not even looking at the detailed map that showed the route. Instead, I started walking the way I thought the trail SHOULD go. I followed a gravel path part way up the dam. It came to a dead end. I was puzzled and came back. THEN I was willing to look for the truth, where the trail actually went. But, then, it was too late. John was already there, wondering where I had been while not meeting him on the trail.

Old stories seem like that! When I’m projecting my limiting beliefs onto my situation, onto the people in my life, onto my plans and my future, I’m making assumptions about everyone and everything AS IF IT FITS WHAT I’M THINKING IT SHOULD BE! When I’m “being in My Story”, I’m often ignoring what’s actually happening, and what actually can be that I miss my true path, and miss relating with people I love!

Here’s an example of how I WOKE UP to one of my old stories.  I was working at the Native Plant Garden while studying Radical Forgiveness, Making Room for the Miracle.  I was learning about stories and “Projection”. Up until that moment, I had believed that my colleagues never included me in planning, and if they did, they wouldn’t listen to my ideas. Pretty simple.  It was ALWAYS LIKE THAT!

“Well, wasn’t it?!!”

It turned out that when I really LISTENED  to the actual words they were saying, instead of the voice in my own head, they were actually saying,”Who else has an idea? Regina, what do you think?” And when I shared my idea, they said,  “That’s a great idea, Regina! Let’s do that!”

I was stunned. My Story wasn’t true! Pretty amazing!  I wondered how many other times I had been so sure what other people would say and do, that maybe I didn’t even hear what they had actually said, OR I had made what they said mean whatever my limiting belief was – I’m not good enough, or I don’t matter, or they don’t like me, etc.

That’s the way Old Stories work, in my life anyway!

I played with acronyms – to help me remember how powerful Stories can be. Please comment below on this.

Would you say that an Old Story could be a

Sustained Tale Of Repressed Yearning

It’s a made up way of looking at something when what I really want is bottled up inside so deep that I can’t even allow my world to have it be true.

What do you think? Please comment below.

Would you like to learn how to bust your own stories?  Would you rather sustain your own repressed yearning or feel fulfillment,

  • Vibrant energy

  • Fulfilling Relationships

  • Freedom from your Past

Join me in Journey to YOUR Heartland, coming up in February!

Can “Bolder” be “Safer”?

It’s 2:00 in the afternoon and my alarm song plays. The clear voice of my friend, Barbara, sings,
Wild Wind calls me to be braver, safer than I’ve ever been before”

At that moment, I understand why I might have needed a daytime nap!

I’ve been stretching outside my comfort zone! Stepping boldly into my dream and my calling, trying new things every day, creating a new life and new friends every day!  Sometimes, like a new baby sleeping a lot because it’s growing a lot, I need to pull in and let the newness get integrated into my body!

And still, there’s that calling to fulfill my BIG dream – to guide and support 22 courageous heartsingers in a journey – a Journey to their HeartLand.

I’m reminded of that saying that we teach that which we need to know. That is so true for me!  I yearn to share the tools of Radical Forgiveness with others because they have been so crucial in my own transformation from a shy, unexpressed housewife to a long-distance walking, passionate entrepreneur. I use these tools every day because I NEED them to teach OTHERS how to use them!

Every day I use these tools that guide me through the five stages to Peace and Freedom:

  • Telling my story and loving myself for having it

  • Feeling all the feelings stuck in that story

  • Switching off the energy drain of that story

  • Receiving a new story

  • Integrating the shift in energy

When I do, Barbara’s words ring true because the more I step into something that feels true to my inner calling, the safer I feel in that calling!

“Wild Wind calls me to be braver, safer than I’ve ever been before.

Wild Wind says, ‘Come a little farther’, calls me “daughter” and I come.”

Listen here to Wild Wind

For me, someone who has a really BIG dream for humanity to awaken to our true nature, which is LOVE, within my lifetime, using these tools is not just a one-time thing, it’s a DAILY PRACTICE, a lifestyle.  And you thought that I’m just out walking trails? Well, you would be partially right! I’m out walking trails for inspiration, for physical stamina, for experiencing the diversity of God’s creation, yes all of that. In addition, walking in Nature provides a venue for my personal transformation from that shy, small-thinking homebody to a joyously prosperous paradigm shifter.

I’m waking up from my nap and from my old ways of thinking and being. Now, I’m offering you a venue for shifting some energy of your own, for transforming some old stories and trying out some new tools to support you in your OWN paradigm shifting.

It’s the Wild Wind Songfest in Atlanta, GA

Join me and Barbara on February 2 and answer YOUR call to be braver and safer than you’ve ever been before

Thank you for the honor of Your Story

In a previous post I encouraged you to share your story with me. As I have read your offerings, pure and raw and heartfelt, I am filled with humility and honor. I applaud your COURAGE to touch into those places that are usually stuffed down, put aside for later, and kept in the shadows.

It is with reverence that I witness and validate your stories.

“I’m sorry that happened to you.” And I really mean that. I’m sorry that you’ve had to experience the pain, the hurt, the sadness, the separation that you have.

“Tell me more.”

I am here to receive your story and witness the suffering that you have experienced.

Stories are a valuable part of our human experience, and the more we are willing to acknowledge and honor our stories and love ourselves for having them, the more we can set the stage for letting go of the parts that we don’t want for our future.

Are you willing to love yourself having this story?

Saying “YES! I love myself having this story” makes a shift in your energy, opens up a space for a new possibility.

Can you say “Yes” to yourself having your story today?

Please comment below with your “yes” or “no”!

If you have not yet shared your story, send me an email to and I can witness and validate it for you – with reverence and honor.wpid-2013-07-07_14-46-51_565.jpg