The Fantasy

Just suppose that in one month- or just a little bit more- I  have an automated online product that generates my ideal amount.
I’ll start right off with feeling how wonderful it feels to click open the pages that describe it. Pride and joy surge through my body. Connection with my collaborators and technicians reverberates with the smile on my face.
Gratitude for the customers who came through with purchases swells my heart. I am willing to receive.
The simple webpage is beautiful and functional.
The mobile theme really works!
The mobile membership plugin is awesome. Simple really is best!
My tribe responded with amazing clarity and useful feedback. I delivered what they requested/what they want.
All is well.
I am blessed.
I am helpful and purposeful.
I give and receive in joy and value to inspire and generate healthy self-love that multiplies and develops into generous self expression and sharing for my customers.
This is the true spirit of my work and I’m so glad to be doing my real job!

Satori Dreams


I played Satori, the Radical Forgiveness board game today. This game brought up for healing and release my fear of being out in the world with my dream of enticing others to connect with Nature and with our true nature of being spiritual beings having a human experience.

All of the beliefs and blocks that I chose lead me to really feel that I keep myself hidden in self doubt and afraid to express my passion for my God-given vocation.

In the game, I was inspired to radically forgive my “wasband” (isn’t that a more loving word than “ex-husband”?) AND to love myself feeling jealous of another coach.

My New Stories, “I am totally lovable just the way I am” and “I am so smart” encourage me to open my heart to myself and release my attachment to my Old Stories of selling myself out and being disappointed with how others respond to my marketing efforts.

I love this game for its ability to get energy moving.  Those beliefs get brought to the light and released! Old stories fall away to new ones and I get to love myself just the way I am!

Would you like to playfully transform your old stories into new ones? It’s easy and fun with Satori!

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For more information click here:Play Satori

Open to learning

In nomadic lifestyle, smartphone will be my office. I love myself being unskilled and resistant to embracing and  mastering the technology of this device.

How Do I Know I’ve Forgiven?

The other day, a client asked me this. My answer: When you can THANK the person you’re forgiving for giving you this opportunity to learn and grow.


You’re kidding, right?

No. I’m serious.

I’m also talking about Radical Forgiveness, which calls only for a tiny bit of willingness to be open to the possibility that from a spiritual perspective everything happens for a reason.


Yes, everything. We’re talking radical here.


And we’re talking about even the smallest, tiniest, littlest inkling of willingness to be the slightest bit open to the most minuscule possibility that this could have a remote possibility of healing and purpose from a spiritual perspective. There’s a lot of wiggle room here.

Well, maybe that’s possible.

You’re getting the idea! Just a tiny bit of willingness is all it takes to shift the energy of victim consciousness and start walking a path of awakening to our true power which is love. 

Hmmm. I’m not there yet.

Right. It’s a journey, I know.

But, you know? Even with what you’re saying now, I do feel a bit lighter and a bit freer from the anger and blame, a little more open that I can have some choice in my situation.

Yes! That’s all it takes- a little bit of willingness to start feeling the lightness of possibility. That’s the path of Radical Forgiveness. It’s a step-by-step journey. Baby steps are fine.

OK. So what’s the next step?

Retracing Steps – With Forgiveness this Time

This week I walked a short section of the Appalachian Trail where I had experienced an upset the first time I walked there six years ago. This time, however, I had the tools of Radical Forgiveness with me and instead of upset I had healing and release!

As the Earth passed under my feet, those old emotions surfaced and the memories of being misunderstood, ignored, abandoned and shunned by my hiking partner popped up along with the feelings I had felt at that time.  It amazed me how little I remembered of the trail itself, the terrain, the forest, the route. All the feelings came right back, though!  I could feel them in my body!

This time I was ready with the Thirteen Steps to Radical Forgiveness, and I used them right there on the trail as I walked!  I answered, “Yes!” out loud to the questions, “Are you willing to allow the feelings to be just the way they are?”  and “Are you open to the idea that you only get upset when someone resonates in you something you have denied, repressed, and projected onto them?”

As I walked, and answered “Yes” to the questions, I got ideas about different ways to look at the situation, and began to be open to new ways of looking at the healing dance that my husband and I were doing together then. The shame I was feeling when I started the process melted into self-acceptance and the realization that on a soul level, the role I was playing in our relationship was to be the perpetrator in HIS victim story of being betrayed and abandoned in our marriage.

When I completed that section, 9 miles from Wilson Creek Shelter to Daleville, I felt more peaceful and more accepting of myself. I noticed a little less attachment to “being wrong” and a softening of my self-hatred and shame.

Gratitude for a New Story filled me and the trail, once again, revealed its healing spaces for my soul.