28 Day Countdown to New Life

Big Frog SunburstI’m stepping into a new life. Sure, it’s been coming for about five years now, but what’s happened this week is work on the OUTSIDE! Things need to be done in the physical world, not just in my mind! Here’s the short list of upcoming tasks:


  • Get my house ready for market
  • Collaborate with a team to draft my book
  • See my sons in new homes
  • Be ready to relocate to Virginia to start my seasonal job
  • Create income in my business

OK! The countdown has begun!  Today is day T-28 and counting………..

What’s up for today:

  • A General Contractor comes to give an estimate on house projects
  • Invite collaborators for my Facebook page: Regina Walks
  • Clear my body of glog and scum from a sore throat
  • Assess my possessions to sort out valuables to keep or sell


  • How can I make this transition as exciting as a month-long hike?
  • Can I allow others to help me or choose to maintain my “solo” habit?
  • What’s the BEST that could happen?

I’ll report in tomorrow and let you know how I’m doing.

Experiencing Separation

Now that I’ve “awakened” to the possibility that my experience of separation from ease and joy and physical hardship is only PART of the reality of Heaven and Earth, it’s impossible to convince myself that I’m REALLY alone, even though it feels like that at the moment.

And I’m really working on it too!  Even as I’m sharing thoughts and questions and inspiring videos with my Facebook Friends, I’m trying to convince myself that no one really cares about me or my work. Isn’t that interesting?!!

Could it be that my Ego, that part of me that strives to give me the experience of separation that I chose to have as a human being, is really doing a fantastic job?!! It’s working overtime to keep offering its messages, “You’re alone! You’ve forgotten who you really are! Don’t pay attention to all these other souls, you are invisible, separate, and alone! They may be hinting at love, but they don’t really mean it!”

And yet, here’s the paradox. I’ve ALSO experienced Radical Forgiveness, and I use the tools all the time to shift my energy from separation to self love and unity. So, the loneliness and isolation can’t stand on its own, it can only argue for recognition.

OK loneliness.  OK separation. OK isolation. I see you. I notice you. I acknowledge that I’m having my human experience. I’ll do the Four Steps Emerge-n-see process.

Step one: Look what I created!  (A feeling of separation!)

Step Two: I notice my judgments and feelings and love myself for having them. (Done!)

Step Three: I am willing to see perfection in the situation.  (OK. I’m willing.)

Step Four:  I choose peace. (OK. That’s not so hard, now!)

Come join me for the Four Steps in a free audio series!


Sharing from the Heart Continued

What would I share more of if I’m “COMING FROM THE HEART” without worrying if I’m being judged or if I’ll make money at it? Here are some activities I’ll CHOOSE to share more starting today:

  • Stories about walking the Benton MacKaye Trail
  • Satori Games. Playing has been on sabbatical
  • Walks open to others
  • Thirteen Steps to Radical Forgiveness calls

What’s in my way is worrying that I can’t schedule them while I’m out on the trail because I can’t guarantee connectivity. Well, here’s a possibility:  What if the calls happened anyway even if I weren’t there?!!!!!

Here’s to sharing “carelessly”!

What might YOU share if you weren’t worried about how it turned out?  If you knew you couldn’t fail?

Please comment!

In joy,


From the Heart

“You’ve gotta sing like you don’t need the money

Love like you’ll never get hurt

Dance like there’s nobody watching


You gotta come from the heart if you want it to work.” Kathy Mattea

This is my theme song from the Radical Forgiveness Miracles Weekend!

Look for more sharing soon!

In joy